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Welcome to thecancrizans.com

Hello everyone and welcome to thecancrizans.com! With the launch of this website, it's a very exciting time to be a subscriber to TheCancrizans. Essentially, this platform allows you to keep up to date with the channel and offers content you will not find on YouTube. To make it easy for you, I'll describe each section of the website under their respective headers:


Be the first to hear about the latest news regarding the YouTube Channel, including detailed upload schedules every week and release times around the world. Furthermore, experience each video a day or so early before it even surfaces on YouTube. Aside from videos, the home page offers each video's script, breaking Star Wars news, exclusive articles by Noel, and pieces of writing by other YouTubers.


Find out more about Noel, such as why he started the YouTube Channel and what he hopes to achieve in the future.


Choose a video to watch from TheCancrizans' entire video catalogue. Not only is this the easiest way to view all of Noel's content, but there are exclusive playlists that you wont find on YouTube. Just make sure to follow the instructions at the top of the page to watch each playlist.

The List

Previously, the only way you could vote for future Star Wars lore videos was to cipher through a massive comments section of nearly 1000 suggestions. But The List now is far more compact and offers an easier way to vote.

Exclusive Content

As you may expect, this page offers a wide variety of videos that are not uploaded to the YouTube Channel. The 'A Look at' series is back, offering bonus lore knowledge from the main lore videos every single week. 'TheCancrizans Website Exclusive Podcast... Thing' covers everything from Star Wars to gaming, where hosts Zenzic and Noel talk for hours at a time. In addition, experience reviews and much more awesome content!


This page allows users to discuss the latest goings on in the Star Wars universe, discuss Star Wars rumours, suggest future lore videos, and rank top 10 lists to help Noel make future top 10 videos.


Want to know how long it is until the next Star Wars film? Or the one after that? How about the next landmark Star Wars lore video? Well, here you go.


Support TheCancrizans by buying a t-shirt. He really appreciates it!

I'm really happy about the release of this website, so please come back regularly and make this site sometyhing special! Thanks everyone :)

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