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Did Boba Fett Kill Luke's Aunt and Uncle? - Star Wars Fan Theory

In Episode IV, Luke Skywalker returned to the home where he grew up only to find it completely destroyed, and his aunt and uncle murdered. It sure is an iconic scene, which ultimately fueled Luke's rage against the Galactic Empire. But doesn't the devastation seem a bit too extreme to have been carried out by stormtroopers? In a universe where arms are cut off and people are thrown into giant creatures in the ground, completely vaporising a couple of defenceless elderly humans, when a blaster would have sufficed, seems over the top to say the very least. Because of this, many speculate that stormtroopers were not involved with the chaos at all. But who is savage and ruthless enough to have done the deed? Darth Vader? Shut up! That's right, Boba Fett!

Before you think this is just some wild speculation, there is actually quite a bit of evidence to back the theory up. Firstly, according to the scenes added in the Special Edition, Fett was present on Tatooine during the murders. Meaning he could have easily been contacted by Vader and told to "pay the family a visit". Maybe he wasn't contacted by Vader himself, but we do know that the Empire often outsourced jobs to bounty hunters. Furthermore, in The Empire Strikes Back, when Vader outlined specifications to bounty hunters about their task of capturing the heroes alive, he specifically turned to Fett and told him: No disintegrations. This would imply that the bounty hunter had used the tactic before, especially because he seemed to lecture Fett on the subject. But when did he use it? Well, possibly during the use of his home-made Tatooine furnace!

There are some canon sources out there that seem to disprove this theory, like the visual reference book: Star Wars in 100 Scenes, where the specific scene has the accompanying text: "A horrified Luke spots the bodies of his aunt and uncle, slain by the stormtroopers when they tried to flee their home". In addition, we already know stormtroopers were hot on the tails of R2-D2 and C-3PO when Obi-Wan Kenobi points out the soldiers massacred the Jawas and their Sandcrawler. So this theory really could go either way. But, personally, I like the idea of Fett being called to carry out the killings, it's something that suits his character. After all, he would do any job so long as the price was right. Because of this, I will rate this theory a 6/10 Boba Fett likes disintegration.

Do you agree with my rating? Let me know your opinion on the theory down below, and tell me what fan theories I should cover in the future.

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