• Mattie Stu

TheCancrizans.com Has Officially Launched!

Hello everyone, it’s Noel from TheCancrizans, and I have a special announcement that I’m thrilled to be making. With some help, I’ve been working on a project since December of last year, and it’s now ready to be shown to the world. Cancrizites behold www.thecancrizans.com. That’s right, this YouTube channel now has an official website. You may be wondering how exactly this affects your viewing experience and what exactly the website brings to the table. So to answer any questions you may have, I’ll talk you through each section of www.thecancrizans.com.

Firstly, the Home page informs you of every single upload, including each video’s script. Furthermore, every week I’ll post an upload schedule, detailing what videos are coming up and what time they will be released worldwide. If there is a breaking news story regarding Star Wars, expect to see it covered in quick time. If that’s not enough, there are exclusive articles written by me and some other YouTube personnel, where you can leave feedback in a comments section.

The About page tells you more about why I created the YouTube channel and what exactly went through my mind to make me be like: gotta get on that YouTube thing! Plus, there’s a cool little video where I mention Disney’s “chokehold” on the Star Wars franchise.

The Videos section offers every single video I have ever made, which includes handy playlists for you to navigate through. Some playlists are even exclusive to the website! For example, have you ever wanted a playlist just on heroic characters in the Star Wars universe? What about evil ones? Or just legends material? Maybe canon too? Well, there you go, everyone! Just make sure you follow the instructions at the top of the page to maximise your viewing experience.

Before today, the List was a video on YouTube where you had to weave through hundreds and hundreds of comments to up-vote the suggestions you wanted to see made into lore videos. It was very inefficient to say the very least. However, the List has been condensed and organised into a voting system. Just tick the names you want to see covered and click the “VOTE NOW!” Button. It’s really as simple as that. I’ll of course keep updating the page with all your suggestions.

Next up is the Exclusive Content. The “A Look at” series is back. You know, the bonus Star Wars lore videos, which gives more information on characters recently covered here on the YouTube channel. Because I release two Star Wars lore videos a week, there will always be two new videos added to this playlist every single week! What’s more, I’ll also go back and talk more about characters that I covered a while back, adding more information on the likes of Yoda and Darth Revan. But that’s not all. Every two or so weeks will be a podcast with Zenzic and I, where we cover everything from Star Wars to gaming. The first podcast is over two hours long! Last but not least, you can watch review videos and more!

The Discussion page allows every Cancrizite to offer lore, top 10 and fan theory video suggestions. As well as discuss the latest Star Wars rumours and news. You can even have your input on future TheCancrizans’ videos, like the ranking of top 10 lists.

Have you ever wondered how long it is exactly until the next Star Wars movie, Rogue One, or Episode VIII? Well, the Countdowns page does just that.

Finally, the Shop offers you the chance to support TheCancrizans by buying yourself a t-shirt. More designs will be coming shortly, so keep an eye out!

This really is an exciting prospect for the YouTube channel, which offers you even more content and ways to enjoy the Star Wars universe. So I hope you guys check it out and enjoy! Remember, with not only weekly videos, but daily posts, keep it locked to www.thecancrizans.com