• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Maz Kanata

Not only was Maz Kanata incredibly wise, but many turned to her for her incredible knowledge of smuggling. Because of this, she started many, young and old, in the freebooting trade. Maz also had a knack for sensing the shifting tides of fortune in the galaxy. And since she lived for over a millennium, Kanata experienced many regime changes, not only surviving through each one, but thriving too. Though she was incredibly small, standing at only 1.24 meters, she fulfilled many legendary exploits, and could rapidly take stock of new acquaintances. Maz was also a poet and painter, who loved all forms of art as it provided a way for her to discover new wonders. She allowed traveling musicians to stay at her castle in exchange for their performances. She also had a fascination for collecting trinkets and treasures, some were ancient like the bust of Jedi Master Cherff Motta and some were not so old like Luke Skywalker’s first lightsaber. Kanata held smaller items in her curio box, such were a fusion cutter head, a diatium power core, and a four-thousand-year-old hyperspace sextant. The smuggler never locked her box, which was crafted from ancient wroshyr wood.

Maz had yellowish-brown skin and arms that were almost gold-coloured. Her small face was mostly covered by large goggles which folded forward over both eyes. Dressing practically and simply, Kanata wore baggy dark maroon pants, a small grey cap, socks knitted by herself, a bracelet of the Sutro, a collection of rings and other bracelets, and a vest of charcoal grey over a blue-green sweater-like shirt rolled to the elbows. Around her waist hung a leatherine belt with a silvery buckle. On which she held an assortment of tech. Maz had a blaster to defend herself, other than using the Force. It was compact enough to fit her hands and came with a power setting adjust.

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