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Null-class ARCs - Star Wars Lore

The Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos were the first clones of Jango Fett. Unfortunately, the clones were deemed failures by their Kaminoan cloners, and so were not placed into mass production. With no foreseeable future in the Grand Army of the Republic, the six were saved from termination by Mandalorian mercenary Kal Skirata, who planned to use them as an elite squad of commandos…

During the early stages of the clone army’s creation, Jango Fett and his Mandalorian military advisors advocated the creation of clones capable of carrying out missions too delicate for regular units. Before the cloning process began, the Kaminoans altered Fett’s DNA to enhance preferable gene traits, like loyalty, aggression and discipline. However, in order to achieve such, the Kaminoans had to manipulate the clone’s aging process, meaning each null aged twice the rate of regular humans. Because of this, when the clones reached the age of ten, they resembled Fett during his early twenties, allowing them to begin combat training. The nulls’ genetic structure gifted them with better perception, a photographic memory and greater intelligence. Speaking of the latter, their intelligence tests scored thirty-five percent higher than other commandos. The combination of their intense training and genetics gave the nulls mental capabilities beyond that of regular clones. In addition, their physiology was also greater, making them stronger, faster and heavier. As a further extension of Jango, each clone developed his Concord Dawn accent and speech patterns during their training.

Initially, when the Kaminoans began the cloning process, twelve prototype Null-class ARCs were produced. Unfortunately, due to the extreme physiological modifications, half of them died almost immediately. Furthermore, the genetic enhancements handicapped the nulls with erratic behaviour, unpredictable loyalty, an inclination towards disobedience and a high sensitivity to minute personal details. Following the Kaminoans decision to terminate the clones, due to the unsatisfactory results, Kal Skirata stepped in, with the support of Fett, to save the nulls and began training them. Because of his intervention, the clones were only loyal to Skirata. The Mandalorian noticed that the nulls had a peckish appetite and a sweet tooth, which he claimed was due to their maturation and metabolic need to fuel their rapid aging.

Looking at the Null-class ARCs’ training in more detail, Kal volunteered to train them as “black ops” commandos. After naming each individually, he taught them their Mandalorian heritage. At the young age of two, all the nulls had undergone flash instructions and live ordnance tests, in which they scored highly. Once completing their accelerated growth, the clones trained in Mandalorian military and survival combat, learning how to kill and destroy targets by any means possible. They even faced near-death torture to become resistant to interrogation. Skirata taught his men of an interrogation technique of shutting out reality to become someone who was not being interrogated. In addition, the nulls were trained in other essential warfare skills, like assassination, anti-terrorism, covert ops, espionage and medicine. To build upon this, Kal taught each clone how to wield and handle a wide variety of weapons, ranging from blaster and sniper rifles to hand to hand combat. Further into their training, the nulls learned how to manoeuvre in zero gravity. In culmination, their training taught them to act without thinking, just like how a Jedi used the Force…

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