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Star Wars: A Look at Null-class ARCs

Also known as Skirata’s private army, the Null ARCs and Kal Skirata were reluctantly tolerated in the Grand Army of the Republic. This was to ensure their cooperation during the Clone Wars, as they possessed unique skills regular clones lacked. All Nulls worked in the Special Operations Brigade of the Grand Army and were officers, except for N-12. When asked by Omega Squad commandos why he was only a sergeant, A’den replied: “I preferred to be an NCO. If it’s good enough for Kal’buir, it’s good enough for me.” Null-6 and Null-10 were the troopers who located General Grievous’ location when the cyborg went into hiding on Utapau near the end of the conflict. The information was first sent to Skirata before reaching the Supreme Chancellor’s Office. Over the course of their lifes, Skirata tried to find a way to decelerate the aging process to allow them a full life. The experience of developing Null ARC troopers contributed greatly in the production of Alpha-class ARCs. During the war, the Null-class and Alpha-class ARCs came to hold a grudge against each other. Whilst the latter saw the Nulls as an embarrassment and shame to Jango Fett’s legacy of a fully Republic-loyal clone army, the Nulls viewed the Alpha-class ARCs as even more stubborn than Jango, often referring to them as “Alpha Planks”. Though the two originally disliked each other, the highest ranking Null, Captain Ordo, and Alpha Captain, Maze, managed to maintain a professional relationship.

The known missions the Nulls participated in were the Galactic City Spaceport hostage crisis, Mission to Kamino, Mission to Coruscant, Sabotage of Olanet Droid Factory, Battle of Gaftikar and Mission to Utapau. And the six operatives were Lieutenants N-5, or Prudii, N-6, or Kom’rk, N-7, or Mereel, N-10, or Jaing, Captain N-11, or Ordo, and Sergeant N-12, or A’den. Whilst the other six clones died before being recognisable as embryos, Skirata did name all twelve of them.

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