• Mattie Stu

Update for Tomorrow's Video

Hello everyone! As you may be aware, Sunday's video was going to be on the top 10 Star Wars lightsaber duels from the movies and TV series. However, I have delayed the video until at least next week. This is partly due to the fact I want more of your involvement with the countdown. So that the top 10 videos don't just contain my thoughts, therefore making it quite one sided, I want many different opinions. So make sure you get involved by conversing in the appropriate section of the Discussions page. With that being said, I guess you'll be wanting to know what will be replacing tomorrow's video. Well, all that I'll tell you is that it's another FAQ video since the previous one done so well and you guys seem to like the series a lot! But as I've said, top 10 videos will return soon, as well as the theory series too! Thanks everyone. Noel out -

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