• Mattie Stu

How Many Died in Each Death Star's Destruction? - Star Wars FAQ

siweL asks: how many people died in the Death Stars’ destruction? Well, let’s find out!

To a lot of us, Star Wars is a fun and pleasurable experience. It’s a classic showcase of good vs bad, where good ultimately overcomes all the odds to defeat the evil doers – which is mostly by exploiting a huge but miniscule flaw in a superstructure that cost billions and decades to make. But regardless, we are sent home feeling quite happy. However, cover little Jimmy’s ears because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the galaxy far, far away…

To calculate the death toll of each Death Star’s destruction, let’s look at how many people were stationed at any one time, using information from Star Wars Legends since the number in canon is not as exact. So, on the Death Star, there were 342,953 full-time crew members, 27,048 officers, 607,360 troops, 167,216 pilots, 285,675 support and maintenance crew, 25,984 stormtroopers, 57,278 gunners, 42,782 starship support staff, and 843,342 passengers. So in total, around 2,399,638 Imperials died as a result of the Death Star’s destruction. Now, let’s look at the second Death Star, which had 485,560 crew, 152,275 gunners, 1,295,950 troops, 127,570 infantry members, 75,860 technical personnel, and 334,432 pilots, which totals to 2,471,647 Imperials. Of course these numbers are not exact since many of the stormtroopers would have been deployed on missions, for example. But to answer siweL’s question, the destruction of each Death Star combined comes to 4,871,285 dead Imperials.

That number is mind blowing. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think about how many more deaths came from the destruction of Alderaan and the Galactic Civil War as a whole. It’s safe to assume the conflict overtook the amount of deaths caused by World War II’s Holocaust. So I hope little Jimmy’s ears are still covered, because Star Wars all of a sudden doesn’t seem like just fun and games…

So now we know how many Imperials, roughly and in Legends, were killed by the destruction of Death Stars I and II. Were they the numbers you expected? If you have a question you want answered about the Star Wars universe, leave a comment below!