• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at The Resistance

The Resistance was a band of soldiers and pilots, serving to stop the evil First Order. The faction's de facto leader was General Lei Organa, who previously served the Alliance to Restore the Republic. She personally recruited nearly all of the Resistance's members, going as far as knowing everyone's names, something that wasn't taken for granted. Other members of Resistance command included Major Brance, Admiral Statura, Admiral Ackbar and Major Ematt. Unfortunately, the group was so undermanned that most of the personnel had to do at least double duty, serving as ground troops. Scanner technicians, starship mechanics and droid programmers were all willing to fight in combat against the First Order if need be. Famed droids C-3PO and R2-D2 also served the organisation, alongside PZ-4CO, or "Peazy", who helped the former command the control center's operations. These three were not the only Resistance droids based on D'Qar, however: power droids, comms droids, astromechs and loading droids were also there. With only periodic recharges and maintenance breaks, they worked tirelessly around the base, fulfilling such tasks as monitoring communications and sensoring data. Just like the Rebel Alliance, the Resistance saw droids as more than just machines, and they granted them independence. Some of the droids who roamed the base were 4B-EG-6, M9-G8 and B-U4D - or "Buford".

The upper levels of Resistance command consisted of veterans of the Galactic Civil War who had remained loyal to Organa. Due to the Military Disarmament Act, many skilled commanders were left unemployed, meaning several old rebels quickly joined Leia. Because the older, greying officers inspired young volunteers to join the Resistance, a generational divide existed. Though many of the youngsters, who were barely in their twenties, never faced the horrors of tyranny first-hand, they believed their older peers, and worked to stop the First Order without question. Many of the youngest and brightest of the Resistance filled out the ranks of the Starfighter Corps, sourced from worlds liberated by the New Republic from the worst of the Galactic Empire's oppression. They were recruited from local planetary defence forces, and were loyal, spirited and eager. Unfortunately, such pilots were unlikely to fly capital ships due to the New Republic's demilitarisation efforts. Because of this, the Resistance base contained two starfighter wings, code-named Red and Blue. All fighters did the bulk of the work to defend worlds targeted by the First Order for expansion and colonisation. Every fighter was maintained by hard-working ground crews, who recognised the importance each ship possessed. Some of these personnel were Goss Toowers, Bollie Prindel and Vober Dand.

Utilising hit-and-run tactics against the First Order's forces, the Resistance's military strategy was to only delay their enemy until they could obtain irrefutable evidence of illegal military incursions into New Republic territory and present it to Republic Command. As an organised group, the Resistance made use of a rank system, from Lieutenants to Admirals. The badges were red for army personnel, and blue for navy. Having to make do with outdated and ageing equipment, and being so undermanned, the Resistance placed great emphasis on treating the wounded and returning them to duty. This meant that sourcing medical equipment was a huge priority. In addition, the faction maintained many of the Rebel Alliance's old protocols, like code K-one-zero, which would evacuate the base - the Alliance used such to flee Echo Base on Hoth.

As a splinter group of the Republic military, the Resistance and New Republic didn't quite see eye to eye as both held different views on the First Order. Resistance members such as Leia and Poe Dameron were frustrated with the New Republic's slow decision-making process and that they were so reluctant to take action against the First Order. Though the Republic tolerated the Resistance, some military commanders, including Major Lonno Deso, disliked the group for exaggerating the threat the First Order posed. However, the Resistance proved to be correct about the enemy.

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