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The Life of Admiral Ackbar - Star Wars Lore

Renown for being a revolutionary leader and a brilliant tactician, Gial Ackbar proved to be a pivotal figure during both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. Although he retired following the Rebel Alliance’s victory over the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Jakku, General Leia Organa talked him out of retirement to defeat a new enemy, the First Order…

Gial Ackbar was born on Mon Cala (Dac) during the later years of the Galactic Republic. After enlisting into the Mon Calamari Guard, the body that protected Mon Cala’s monarchs and dignitaries, Ackbar worked his way through its ranks. He eventually became the guard’s captain, which also meant he became the chief military advisor of the ocean world. When the Clone Wars came to Mon Cala, King Yos Kolina was assassinated by Separatist Riff Tamson. However, to prevent the rightful heir, Prince Lee-Char, from ascending to the throne, members of the (Quarren) Isolation League took credit for the crime to spark a civil war. As captain of the Mon Cala Knights, Gial became the protector of Lee-Char. To help ease tensions on the planet, the Republic dispatched Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo to attend a meeting between the two sides. Unfortunately, the discussions went nowhere and only fuelled the hatred between the Quarrens and Lee-Char even more. Knowing a civil war was inevitable, Ackbar contacted the Jedi Council for help. So that Mon Cala remained a Republic world, a company of clone SCUBA troopers, led by Jedi Knight Kit Fisto, were dispatched to the planet. Knowing that is was a longstanding tradition for the monarch of Mon Cala to lead the soldiers into battle, Ackbar knew he had his work cut out protecting Lee-Char.

Shortly after Lee-Char addressed his gathered troops, the Quarren attacked along with Separatist aqua droids led by Tamson. After Ackbar proclaimed “it’s an attack”, he and Skywalker rallied their forces to defend the capital, Coral City, taking the prince to the front lines. Gial then led the charge into the enemy ranks, ordering his troops to not let their homeworld fall into Separatist hands. When Ackbar handed Lee-Char a blaster and told him to earn the respect of his people, the young prince led the fight, which rallied his men. The gamble began to pay off when the droids and the Quarren retreated. Though it was a victory, it was only the first assault. Ackbar told everyone more was to come. However, massive cyborg Hydroid Medusas and other droids attacked the city not long after, killing many Mon Calamari. With no alternative, Lee-Char and Ackbar led a retreat to caves on the ocean floor. Whilst in retreat, Lee-Char expressed how disappointed he felt over the battle to that point, and that his father would have been ashamed. However, Gial told him otherwise, stating Kolina would have been very proud.

Whilst regrouping in the caves, the Jedi Council contacted the party in order to arrange the deployment of more Republic soldiers. However, the transmission’s signal was jammed before arrangements were made. Unsure if help was going to arrive or not, Lee-Char and the party had to mount another attack. When everyone agreed to it, the plan was put into motion. When the group ascended back to the surface, a group of enemies stood in their way, meaning Kit Fisto had to divert their attention. Splitting into two groups, the allies successfully disrupted the city’s central planetary scanner mast, meaning Tamson would be unaware of incoming Republic reinforcements. Unfortunately, he figured out exactly why the scanner mast was destroyed. Therefore, when a Venator-class Star Destroyer arrived with members of the Gungan Grand Army, the opposition were not caught off-guard. Following the arrival of a Separatist Trident-class assault ship and a surge of opposition forces, the Republic-aligned troops were taken prisoner by the Separatists.

Ackbar, his troops and the clone soldiers were all taken to a prison camp on the ocean floor, whilst Skywalker, Amidala and Fisto were personally interrogated by Tamson. Fortunately, Lee-Char and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano managed to avoid capture. To rid Mon Cala of Tamson and the Separatist droids, the prince sought to rally the Mon Calamari, Gungans, clones, Jedi and even the Quarrens together. With the guidance of Ackbar, the two devised a plan to do such. The first step was to have Lee-Char arrested. After willingly giving in to his captors, Tamson sentenced Lee-Char to death, ordering the prisoners be brought to the capital to witness it. The boldness of the prince worked. As Tamson read aloud the prince’s crimes against the Separatist state, the Quarren soldiers freed the prisoners and began distributing blasters to the clones and other troops. When it was time to attack, a diversion allowed Lee-Char to be rescued. Leading his men, Ackbar charged the aqua droids. Mon Cala was officially freed when the prince killed Tamson. Ackbar attended Lee-Char’s coronation as the king of Mon Cala. During which, the Quarrens pledged their allegiance to the new king, whilst Lee-Char pledged his loyalty to all the people of Mon Cala. Though the new king officially ended the civil war by killing Tamson, the victory would not have been possible without Ackbar.

Decades afterwards, following the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire discovered the location of a Rebel Base inside one of the Massassi Temples. In response, Ackbar was one of the Rebel leaders in charge of the evacuation. He helped organise the troops and gather supplies on the planet for such. Sometime afterwards, Ackbar sent Luke Skywalker to Rodia in hopes to open up supply lines for the Rebellion. By the Battle of Endor, in which he was one of the Rebel’s commanders, Ackbar was already an admiral in the Alliance’s fleet. During a pre-mission briefing about the attack on the second Death Star, the admiral explained how a ground team on Endor would take out the superweapon’s shield generator whilst a fighter squadron led by Lando Calrissian would enter the Death Star and destroy it from within. Aboard the bridge of his ship, Home One, Ackbar commanded his fleet. However, once battle commenced, he noticed the assault was a trap and that the Empire were leading them to their demise. Though it was indeed A TRAP, and the Death Star’s superlaser was operational, Calrissian convinced Gial to continue with the assault. But the tides of the battle changed when the ground troops managed to destroy the shield generator. As Calrissian led the attack on the Death Star’s interior, Ackbar’s fleet held off the rest of the Imperial forces. The admiral told his forces to especially focus fire on the Executor, which was ultimately destroyed. The Death Star’s destruction spelled victory for the Rebels.

Though the Empire suffered huge losses at the Battle of Endor, they continued to fight. Three months after the historic battle, the Alliance officially reorganised into a New Republic. As they continued to fight against Imperial forces, the Republic discovered a secret Imperial meeting on Akiva. When Wedge Antilles went missing after investigating the matter, Ackbar headed a rescue mission for him. When scouts were killed trying to find the pilot, Gial prepared a small fleet. Once again, the Imperials were defeated. Afterwards, Ackbar presented a medal to Norra Wexley for her part in rescuing Antilles. One year after the Battle of Endor, the Mon Calamari led Republic forces to the final victory over the Empire at Jakku. Not long after, he retired, closing the door on an incredible career, which saw him play a huge part in restoring peace to the galaxy. However, nearly twenty-nine years later, he was talked out of retirement by former Rebel General Leia Organa to join the Resistance. Just as he done throughout his illustrious career, Ackbar’s incredible tactical mind and leadership helped the Resistance throughout their conflict with the First Order. Whilst on D’Qar, he was pleased to hear pilot Poe Dameron had destroyed Starkiller Base, a superweapon far superior to both Death Stars. However, the First Order were not going to respond lightly, something Ackbar had to prepare for…

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