• Mattie Stu

My Thoughts on the Han Solo Casting and Vader Possibly Appearing in Rogue One

It's official, Alden Ehrenreich has landed the role of Han Solo for the Star Wars spin-off movie, or at least he is in the final negotiations to don the vest. And it has to be said, not everyone is pleased by the decision. I guess out of 2,500 young candidates there will be some actors people want chosen more than others. Both Anthony Ingruber and Ansel Elgort were touted over Alden by the fans to grab the part, with the former being my personal favourite. But let's not take anything away from the Hail, Caesar! actor, he must be prefect for the role for Disney to choose him. Also, remember when Heath Ledger was chosen to play the Joker in Christopher Nolan's sequel to Batman Begins? No one really liked the choice. However, Ledger blew everyone away with an incredible performance. So let's not look at this negatively and just look forward to adventuring once more with our favourite Corellian smuggler.

In other news, it appears Darth Vader will be appearing in Rogue One. A detail I'm personally not surprised about, and actually thought would happen, but nevertheless it's pretty cool news. As we saw in The Force Awakens, Disney do like bringing back every major character possible, but does that mean Vader will play a big role in December's movie? Well no, not really, I suspect. The whole film is focusing on new characters, so I don't think Disney will want to overshadow the new faces, especially the villains. I see Vader more or less being a cameo, with little on-screen time. But hey, it's just a rumour. The Sith Lord may not actually return after all. Who knows?!

What do you think about both the Han Solo casting news and Vader possibly being in Rogue One? Let me know in the comments below!

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