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Star Wars: A Look at IG-88 Assassin Droids

IG-88A was the first of the IG-88 line, making him the leader. After rebelling against his Holowan creators and transferring all his memories and files into the other IG-88s, he named all of his “bothers” in order of their activation. When IG-88A, B, C and D escaped, they headed to Mechis III to initiate a droid rebellion. IG-88A planned to take over the galaxy with droids, believing they were far superior to biologicals. Later, he uploaded himself into the second Death Star, which he planned on using for his “Droid Revolution”. Unfortunately, when the battlestation was destroyed, he perished also. However, IG-88A’s body was later reactivated and reprogrammed by Tyko Thul to become his family’s bodyguard against the Diversity Alliance.

As the second of the four units, IG-88B agreed to become a bounty hunter to distract any attention from Mechis III. He flew the first sleek ship of its class: the IG-2000. He used it to dock the Super Star Destroyer Executor during the search for Han Solo. Whilst on board, IG-88B learned of a new Death Star project at the forest moon of Endor, which he relayed to the other three droids. Afterwards, he and IG-88C placed trackers on all of the bounty hunters’ ships that were present, using them to find Solo. However, Boba Fett was not fooled. He lured IG-88B to Bespin, where he killed the droid and left him as scrap in the bowels of Cloud City.

IG-88C worked alongside IG-88D to guard Mechis III. When IG-88B was destroyed, the two pursued Fett in order to avenge their counterpart. Unfortunately, IG-88C was killed in Fett’s counterattack.

Following IG-88C’s death, IG-88D appeared from hyperspace to attack Fett. When the latter appeared to be about to crash into the planet below, Tatooine, IG-88D sent an ultimatum. When the bounty hunter didn’t respond and plunged deeper towards the surface below, IG-88D had no idea what Fett was doing. But suddenly Fett pulled a fast one and slammed on the brakes, stopping in mid-air as IG-88D’s IG-2000 craft went hurling past him. Fett then used the Slave I’s tractor beam to pull the IG-2000 towards him and unleashed a barrage of fire on the craft. IG-88D was, rightfully, presumed dead. But the droid later battled with Dash Rendar on Ord Mantell whilst the latter was looking for information about the carbonite entombed Han Solo. IG-88D never survived the encounter.

IG-88’s primary weapon was a BlasTech DLT-20A blaster rifle. However, other weapons and gadgets include: flamethrowers, pulse cannons, DAS-430 electromagnetic projectile launchers, repeating blasters, Sonic stunners, paralysis cords, poison gas, trilon gas, thermal detonators, the IG-2000, needle dart guns, the "Butcher" vibro-blade, concussion grenades, throwing flechettes, Trifaraleen gas, wide-dispersal radiation grenades, computer input ports, broadband antennae, blaster reflective palms, heat and motion sensors, highly advanced trackers, acid-proof servo wires, armour nearly impenetrable from external attacks and a cutting laser in a finger on the right arm.

Furthermore, IG-88 had extreme physical strength and extremely fast reflexes, even by droid standards, as, during his escape, the droid managed to kill a technician by calmly and methodically calculating the trajectory of an incoming laser bolt, deciding to deflect the bolt instead of dodging it. In addition, he made sure the deflected beam reflected at just the right angle to kill the fleeing technician who had fired upon him. All of this took place in just the microseconds that it took for the laser to travel from the gun position.

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