• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Captain Gregor

When Meebur Gascon discovered Gregor, he was confused, not very confident and spoke in a low voice. The clone believed Borkus was doing good by letting him stay in an apartment and work as a dishwasher. When Gregor asked Borkus what a clone was, the latter told him they were brave and skilled soldiers, everything that Gregor was not. However, as D-Squad began to reassemble, Gregor’s personality changed. He became confident and spoke in a brave and proud voice. Furthermore, he realised Borkus was treating him like a slave. Standing once more as a proud soldier of the Galactic Republic, Gregor was brave and daring enough to destroy an entire mining facility and a whole battalion of battle droids, too. In addition, he put other lives before his own, allowing D-Squad to escape as he stayed and fought. Gregor wore Katarn-class commando armour with digital camo and yellow markings. And he carried a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System.

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