• Mattie Stu

Fan Theory - Animal Crossing is About Kidnapping?!

On the surface, Animal Crossing appears to be a very happy-go-lucky game about a human villager living with sentient animals. It’s obviously a bit weird, but it’s a Japanese game, so it’s fine. However, there is a fan theory out there that makes me feel a lot happier about life, since I knew there was something strange about the game. Unfortunately, I’m still 100% sure I’m the only guy that plays this game. Anyway, an odd but surprisingly realistic fan theory claims the games are really about your child character being kidnapped and indoctrinated into a cult…

Granted, each Animal Crossing game begins differently. However, they all start similarly, with the player’s child character being transported to a town, sometimes by a character named Kapp’n, who is modeled after the Japanese mythological creature Kappa, which is known for kidnapping children. So, yeah. Furthermore, when the player arrives in the village, they are immediately buried underneath a mountain of nearly never-ending debt, forcing them to complete a series of mind-numbing and repetitive tasks in a futile effort to pay it off. Upon doing so, Tom Nook upgrades your house, throwing the player right back into the red. Lastly, there are guards at the village’s gates, making sure the child never escapes!

All of these points indicate that Animal Crossing is actually a sick and twisted slavery game, where the kidnapped child has no means of escape. However, though the Japanese are notoriously weird, the game is like the least sinister community simulation ever. So, with all that being said, I will rate this theory a: 5/10. Kidnapping just isn’t that nice.

Do you agree with my rating? Let me know your opinion on the theory down below, and tell me what fan theories I should cover in the future.

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