• Mattie Stu

Fan Theory - Han Solo Has the Force?!

Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. These are three words which perfectly describe one of the greatest Star Wars characters of all time. Another thing we love about Han Solo is that he’s such a badass, with his impeccable aiming and incredible piloting. With that being said, however, luck seems to always be on his side. He outruns bounty hunters, survives being frozen in carbonite, escapes the exogorth at the last second (space worm), and successfully navigates through an asteroid field, even though C-3PO claimed that the odds of achieving such were 3,720 to 1. You’d think his luck would eventually run out, right? Unless he doesn’t rely on luck at all, rather the Force…

Many have come to the conclusion that Han is actually Force-sensitive, though he never realised it. It would explain how he has mad reflexes, which is on display when he pilots, and of course during the scene with Greedo. Speaking of which, Greedo shooting first is actually canon, so let’s just role with that for this video. Han was the type of gentleman to wait for his opponent to make the first move, so once Greedo fires, the smuggler instinctively moves his head slightly to the right and fires off his own shot. This isn’t just fast reflexes; Solo anticipates an action then retaliates at superhuman speeds. George Lucas altered the specific scene to make the smuggler appear no longer as a cold-hearted killer, rather someone who acts in self-defense. But maybe he was simply planting an Easter egg for Han’s connection to the Force.

It’s no secret that Han didn’t believe in the Force at first. However, you don’t have to believe in the Force for it to affect you. And look at Obi-Wan’s reaction to Solo’s statement. He smiles as if he knows something everyone else does not. Maybe Kenobi has a small chuckle over the naïve pilot. Furthermore, why was it that the Jedi specifically chose that scoundrel out of all the scum and villainy in Mos Eisley. His Jedar (Jedi radar) must have been going mental!

Although I don’t personally buy into this theory, it would open up a few doors in terms of the future Star Wars films, like the possibility of Rey being Solo’s daughter. Before it would have been near impossible for Han to have a Force-sensitive illegitimate kid, but if he secretly does have the Force then it definitely would make a lot more sense. However, I feel if he was a Jedi it would hurt the Han Solo character, it would make him fell less special. All of his incredible feats would be diminished. And plus, it seems like every character at some point is rumoured to have the Force, like Finn, for example. So I reckon this is nothing more than wild speculation with non-substantial evidence. Because of these reasons, I will rate the theory a 2/10. Don’t get cocky.

Do you agree with my rating? Let me know your opinion on the theory down below, and tell me what fan theories I should cover in the future.

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