• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Flametroopers and Snowtroopers

The incendiary assault troopers were best deployed to flush out entrenched enemy positions, allowing standard infantry deployed alongside them to fire upon targets as they fled cover. In return, the standard infantry offered protection for flametroopers, guarding them from the opposition. Flametroopers advanced slowly and methodically, since it was unwise to outrun the advance of the blaze unleashed by their weapons. Speaking of which, they carried D-93 incinerator flamethrowers, attached to armoured tankages, containing extremely volatile and flammable gel that was launched by a separate propellant gas. Both were mixed and ignited at the barrelhead of the projector gun and launched a distance of up to 75 meters, depending on wind conditions. Looking at the weapon’s components, the backpack had: twin outer conflagrine-14 fuel tanks, a propellant pressure indicator and a central pressurised propellant tank, whilst the gun was fitted with a peizoelectrical ignition system as part of the ignition chamber and barrel. The two were joined by a double-chambered reinforced hose. Aside from the D-93w flame projector gun and the D-93 incinerator flamethrower kit, flametroopers had reinforced cyramech helmets with minimised openings, narrow slit visors to reduce glare from the weapon, supplemental breathing tank linkages, a temperature control body glove, integrated knee cover, positive grip boots, articulated greaves allowing for greater movement, heat deflecting armoured gaiters, and they stood in a braced firing position for maximum control.

The snowtroopers chest plate was made of betaplast composite, with an icephobic coating to prevent the buildup of frost, even in humid conditions. On the chest plate was a unit insignia and suit heater controls. The rest of their armour included: a polarised slit visor to minimise ice glare, a betaplast helmet with a flared neck shroud, breather tank inlets, a rank pauldron, insulated gloves with adjustable heating units, utility pouches, an insulating kama, rugged ice boots, greave adjust straps, and a personal environment unit. Snowtroopers carried standard stormtrooper weaponry. However, the Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifle had slight modifications to shunt excess heat into the more sensitive interior mechanisms. The blaster had: an adjustable J19 electroscope with antifogging filaments, cooling vanes with heat shunts, a fore sight, a collapsible steadying grip, heated filament wraps around the trigger, a magnatomic adhesion grip, and a blaster valve cap. Snowtroopers utilised snow speeders to travel across the vast technological marvel that was Starkiller Base. The rugged yet simple Aratech-Loratus light utility speeder truck was versatile and used for general purpose. Fitted with a drive turbine, an insulated repulsor array, a heat exchange grill, and debris deflectors/ heat guards, it could accommodate three personnel, a pilot, a passenger and a gunner operating the repeating blaster mounted in the pow of the craft. Speaking of which, the primary armament of the First Order snow speeder was a pintle-mounted FWMB-10 medium repeating blaster, which had: a steadying grip and trigger leavers, calibration adjustment, a collimator sleeve, an elevation gear, and data and power feeds.

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