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The Life of Korr Sella - SW: The Force Awakens Lore

Korr Sella was born around eight years after the Battle of Endor to Sondiv Sella and a fellow New Republic politician. Just like her parents, and at just sixteen years old, she entered public service. Working under Leia Organa in the Galactic Senate, the nicknamed “Korrie” prepared review holograms for the senator so she could recognise each delegate in attendance at official events, amongst other things. When Organa defected the New Republic to form the Resistance, a small military force to combat the First Order, Sella continued to serve her. Although Leia tried many times to warn the Senate of the threat the First Order posed, she was labelled as a warmonger. Because the general’s reputation was twisted by corrupt politicians, and the power of her voice had been weakened by personal attacks and rumours of delusion, Sella frequently made her case for the Senate to take direct action against the First Order. The Republic believed that the First Order never posed a threat as long as they abided by the Galactic Concordance, a peace treaty signed nearly thirty years prior between the Republic and the Galactic Empire.

However, the Resistance discovered that the First Order planned to destroy the New Republic. As the enemy prepared to do just that, using its superweapon known as Starkiller Base, Organa dispatched Sella to Hosnian Prime to make one more final plea to the Senate for Republic action. The commander questioned Leia whether or not the Senate would listen, to which Organa could not answer. Although Sella agreed to go, she also questioned why the general did not want to go in person, but Leia told her some certain members of the government would ensure that she never made it off Hosnian Prime alive. Whilst Sella was left with the confidence of Organa to deliver her warnings to the Senate, Starkiller Base targeted the Hosnian system and fired away. Alongside the members of the Senate, Korr watched in horror as the planet edged closer to destruction. In just a matter of seconds, an entire star system was wiped from existence…

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