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Star Wars Lore - The Zillo Beast

Standing at 97 metres tall, the Zillo Beast was a monster of legend. The semi-sentient, reptilian was sometimes simply referred to as “The Beast”. The species was thought to have been long extinct by the Dugs. However, during the Battle of Malastare, the last specimen alive was inadvertently unearthed. With hide that was indestructible, the Galactic Republic had a huge problem on their hands…

Zillo Beasts were gargantuan reptilian creatures with lengthy whip-like tails, containing eight sharp spikes. The creatures uniquely possessed a third arm protruding for their backs and had incredibly tough hides. Because they stood at 318 feet and weighed around 60,000 metric tons, they were considered the top of Malastare’s food chain. That was until their presumed extinction. When the planet’s indigenous sentient Dugs began drilling for fuel, the number of Zillo Beasts slowly fell due to a loss of habitat. In addition, the monsters were vulnerable to fuel. Although the species had apparently died out, it was prophesised that one such creature remained and would emerge in the future to destroy the Dugs. As a result, the indigenous aliens passed down a manuscript through the generations that detailed the Zillo Beast’s weaknesses.

During the Clone Wars, in 21 BBY, Malastare faced the threat of a Separatist invasion, who sought the planet’s fuel reserves. In response, the Galactic Republic dispatched a sizeable army of clone troopers to secure Malastare. Alongside Jedi Master Mace Windu and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, the Republic forces struggled to overcome the sheer number of battle droids on the planet, which led Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to authorising the deployment of a new weapon – the electro-proton bomb. The weapon successfully destroyed the opposition forces. However, it awoke the prophesised remaining Zillo Beast, which immediately wreaked havoc. The Dugs and the Republic forces quickly banded together to slay the creature. Unfortunately, the Zillo Beast’s armour was totally resistant to explosions, blaster fire, and even lightsaber strikes. Furthermore, the Dugs and the Republic had conflicting interests: whilst the former wished to kill the ancient monster, Palpatine ordered to have the Zillo Beast stunned so it could be scientifically evaluated. As a result, the Supreme Chancellor and Anakin Skywalker covertly arranged for the creature to be immobilised, giving the appearance it had been killed. After stun cannon tanks penetrated the gaps in the beast’s armour, the plan worked, for the most part, perfectly.

Against the initial plan to release the Zillo Beast back into the wild on a peaceful world in the Outer Rim, multiple gunships transported the creature to Coruscant. Not long into Dr. Sionver Boll’s study of the monster, Palpatine ordered the Zillo Beast to be killed, hoping to have its nearly impenetrable hide reproduced for use in the Grand Army of the Republic. However, the Zillo Beast somehow understood Palpatine’s order and so broke free from its restraints, escaping the supposedly secure research facility. Unleashed, it tore through the crowded capital, causing much destruction and many deaths. During the creature’s titanic rampage, it spotted the Supreme Chancellor. Seemingly on a quest for revenge, it held Palpatine’s ship in its hands before Anakin Skywalker intervened. The Republic and the Jedi Order worked together to slay the beast, using flares for agitation and missiles full of poison to penetrate its mouth. Their efforts ultimately payed off as the body of the Zillo Beast toppled from the Senate Building. Afterwards, its body was transported back to the research facility, where Boll faced new orders – orders to clone the Zillo Beast…

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