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Star Wars Weapons Lore - The Vibroblade


As a kind of blade used for basic utility needs or combat, the vibroblade was equipped by many different individuals, ranging from Jango Fett to the Galactic Empire’s Royal Guards. So let’s take a closer look at the vibroblade…


Vibroblades resembled high-tech short swords, and were designed just like any other vibroweapons; having compact ultrasonic vibration generators contained within the handle, causing the blade to vibrate at an incredible speed, transforming even the smallest of blows into gaping wounds. At the low cost of 250 credits, vibroblades were dangerous to use against electric weapons, since they conducted electricity. However, electrocution would be the wielder’s last concern. After travelling up the length of the blade, the electricity would meet the weapon’s energy cell and ultrasonic vibration generator, resulting in a miniature explosion capable of removing the user’s hand. Vibroblades could parry lightsabers and energy swords if fitted with cortosis-weave. Cortosis-weave became less common, however, when the probability of fighting a lightsaber-wielding opponent decreased. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, knowledge of the swordsmithing technique had faded, and the cortosis mineral itself became incredibly rare. The prototype vibroblade was a highly adaptable variant of the vibroblade and could be fitted with numerous weapon enhancements. Larger variants of the vibroblade included the dire vibroblade, vibroswords, the Sith Tremor Sword, and vibro double-blades. And smaller variants included the vibrorapier, vibrodaggers, vibroknives, the vibro-shiv, and hand-sized vibroknucklers and knuckle plate vibro blades. Variants of the weapon were created and used by other cultures, two of which belonged to the Zabraks and the Echani.

Vibroblades were favoured by soldiers, mercenaries, assassins, and pirates throughout the galaxy, whilst bounty hunters, crime lords, and privateers used them as backup melee weapons. Due to their popular use among criminals, many worlds banned the vibroblade, especially in urban areas. Vibroweapons were common prior to, after and during the Jedi Civil War, since personal energy shields mitigated the use of blasters. Vibroweapons, on the other hand, could easily cut through the shields. Vibroblades were carried as melee weapons by Mandalorian Neo Crusader Shock Troopers, as well as officers of the Republic Military. The Twi’lek computer slicer Mission Vao crafted her own custom vibroblade, using it to defend herself in the rough undercity of Taris around the time she met Revan. During the Clone Wars, the weapon was carried by bounty hunter Sugi and as the primary weapons of Clone assassins. Imperial dungeoneers used vibroblades as backup weapons. Although vibrobladed weaponry faced widespread banning, their use continued on isolated, less civilised worlds, such as Tatooine, where Jabba the Hutt’s skiff crew wielded pikes with vibrobladed cutting edges. Later, vibroblades were carried by officers of the Alliance Special Forces and the Core Fleet Elite Commandos of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. Around 40 ABY, Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya carried a vibroblade. To prove the extent of her prosthetic limb replacements, she drove the dagger into her cybernetic thigh without the slightest quiver of pain. Around the same time, Mara Jade Skywalker gave a vibroblade to her son, Ben, which contained a concealed tracking device.

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