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Ask me Anything! #1 - "Who doesn't want a piece of that Star Wars alien ass!"

Hello everyone, welcome to the first article in an exclusive series for the website. As you can probably guess, in each installment I will answer all of your guys' questions, whether it be about my thoughts on Star Wars, things about my personal life, or how I run TheCancrizans. Thanks to everyone who participated in this first article. Without any further ado, let's answer some questions!

Question 1:

If I were actually in the Star Wars universe I'd probably immediately become a coward since the galaxy seems extremely dangerous. But if - hypothetically speaking - I had a set, I'd love to be a human Gray Jedi living during the Clone Wars era. Why, I hear you ask? Well, I'd still be fighting for the morally correct side, I'd reap most of the benefits of still being a Jedi, but I wouldn't have to face the same amount of restrictions, like never loving - because, of course, who doesn't want a piece of that Star Wars alien ass! In terms of clothing, I guess I'd just have traditional robes. I don't have that great a fashion conscious in real life, so I don't think my Star Wars self would be very creative in the wardrobe department. But I would wield a single lightsaber, since it's easier to control compared to duel-wielding, with an orange with a red core blade. The colour doesn't sound very Jedi like, but remember, I would be a Gray Jedi, so it's fine :P

Question 2:

I do not. To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed with Battlefront. I mean, it's a good game to play from time to time, but I feel titles like Overwatch have more drawing power - I can't go a day without playing that! So it would have been a waste of money. Maybe I'll buy the pass for the next Battlefront game, but they would need to reintroduce Clone Wars era maps, vehicles etc, because who didn't love playing on Geonosis, Kamino and so on as clones, droids, Jango Fett, Darth Maul, and more!?

Question 3:

I've played Minecraft since it first came out, near enough. I first heard about the game from the SeaNanners YouTube channel. I remember watching his first ever Let's Play of the game and becoming very intrigued. As a result, I learned the basics, and played it ever since. But I will say, I haven't played Minecraft recently as much as I used to. I really should get back into it!

Question 4:

That is a really good question, and it's pretty hard to answer, if I'm being honest. When there were many Sith and they were all united, they were an unstoppable force. But, as we saw with only two Sith, their egos and ruthless nature could be more destructive than the threat of the Jedi. So while many Sith could have easily ruled over the galaxy, conflicting interests and clashing egos would have inevitably caused an implosion. So I think the rule of two actually, in a way, contained the threat of an internal struggle. Plus, as Palpatine proved, only two Sith could overturn the Jedi and rule the galaxy.

Question 5: (In relation to my lore video on the 501st Legion)

When there is enough canon information to make a video on a topic, then I will exclude legends information. I feel like, although the legends universe is still important, the canon information should be told first and foremost. However, I do still cover legends material regularly in my videos, and I clearly label the information, either in the title or the video itself.

Thanks again for all of the questions. If you want to participate in this series, then leave your questions in the comments below. Make sure to come back again for article 2!

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