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Star Wars FAQ – Coruscant after the Clone Wars

After Supreme Chancellor Palpatine announced the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, changes came quickly to Coruscant. It was renamed the Imperial Center, or Imperial City, and the Jedi Temple became the new home of the new Emperor. Apart from the spires, which remained intact, the rest of the structure was heavily modified and expanded upon. The building and the surrounding area became known as the Federal District, and the renamed Imperial Palace formed one point of the so called “supreme triangle”. The other two points were the COMPNOR arcology, which housed the headquarters of the Imperial Security Bureau, and the Naval Intelligence headquarters, a near windowless complex that formerly housed the Republic’s strategic center. The city-scape of Coruscant changed also; the elegant Republic designs were replaced by sleek and block-like surfaces. The changes were so drastic that the city was unrecognisable to those who had seen it only a few years prior.

Following the Rebel Alliance’s victory in the Battle of Endor, in which both Darth Sidious and Vader perished, Coruscant’s citizens rejoiced, pulling down statues of Palpatine, overwhelming patrolling stormtroopers on the streets, and releasing fireworks into the sky above. However, in an attempt to regain control, police forces on speeders fired at crowds without warning, killing many innocent citizens. As a result, the people began to riot. As police speeders were hijacked, blaster fire erupted across the city between the Coruscanti and the Imperial security forces. Many lives were lost, and many more were injured in the Coruscant riots.

In the wake of the Empire’s final defeat to the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Jakku, the New Republic was formed, re-establishing the Galactic Senate on Chandrila. The Galactic Concordance was then signed, which forced the Empire to hand over control of Coruscant to the fledging galactic government. With the Galactic Civil War over, the New Republic sought to reshape galactic politics to avoid the problems of the old Republic and to bring in the disaffected worlds that left the Republic prior to the Clone Wars. It was then decided by the Senate that all worlds would have an equal say in their government, in which member worlds would host the Republic’s capital on a rotating basis, rather than just Coruscant alone...

So there we have it, after the Clone Wars Coruscant’s city-scape was drastically changed, rioting later engulfed the streets, and then it became just a regular planet as part of the New Republic.

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