• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma led from the front as the First Order expanded into the wilderness of the Unknown Regions. She paid little heed to outdated notions of inequality between genders, an idea that was common on undeveloped worlds. Phasma believed that a female stormtrooper was nothing new at all. The anonymity provided by their armour concealed the fact that both men and women served the Galactic Empire as stormtroopers. Phasma was obsessed with physical perfection, and spent every waking hour honing her combat abilities. She was a qualified expert on all First Order small arms, and also trained in vehicular and starfighter combat. Her blaster rifle was fitted with: a macroscope sight that allowed for eight-power magnification and low-light capability, an extensible stabling grip for long range sniping, a recurved trigger guard for two-handed grip, a pistol grip, and a chromium finish.

As a perfectionist, Captain Phasma took it upon herself to memorise the serial numbers of all stormtroopers under her direct command. In addition, she routinely patrolled the areas under her command as a means of keeping her senses keen and her soldiers in line. Even in the huge area of Starkiller Base, Phasma made most of her inspections on foot, walking dozens of kilometers in a typical day. The armour she wore was coated in salvaged chromium from a Naboo yacht once owned by Emperor Palpatine. Although its polish helped reflect harmful radiation, it primarily served as a symbol of past power. Her armour included: a traditional cape of First Order command, a brushed chromium crown with comlink transmission planes, polarising lenses with integral MFTAS (Multi-Frequency Targeting Acquisition System), vocodor speaker ports, modified precision-crafted crush gauntlets, mid-torso mounted ammunition holders, segmented sabatons, and an armourweave cape with First Order


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