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Star Wars FAQ – How Could No One Sense Palpatine Was a Sith Lord?

adrian sejdijaj asks: how could no one sense that Palpatine was a Sith Lord? Well, let’s find out! Welcome to Star Wars FAQ: Palpatine’s Big Secret.

Despite having countless incredibly powerful Force-users, the fact that no one in the Jedi Order knew about Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s true identity seems very unbelievable. However, there are two perfectly reasonable explanations for the elaborate ruse. The first, which is part of the Legends universe, alludes to Palpatine’s use of Force Stealth. The Force power was utilised by highly skilled Force-sensitives to either mask their Force alignment, their ability to use the Force, or even their entire presence from fellow Force-users. Whilst many Jedi and Sith used the ability for different reasons, Palpatine, as the most powerful and notorious user of the power, was able to mask his true nature as the Dark Lord of the Sith for over three decades from the Jedi High Council, even when in the same room.

The second explanation, which is canon, alludes to the power of the Sith shrine that lay underneath the Jedi Temple. In a symbolic attempt to bury the legacy that the Sith had left behind on the galactic capital, the Jedi Order constructed the Jedi Temple over the Sith shrine on Coruscant. However, they never realised that a wellspring of dark side energy lay at the heart of the Sith shrine, which clouded the vision of the Jedi Council, and masked the true motives and identity of Palpatine until it was too late.

So there we have it, in Legends Palpatine masked his true identity by cleverly using the Force Stealth ability, whilst in canon the Dark Lord of the Sith utilised the power within the Sith shrine to cloud the vision of the Jedi Order. Both explanations make a lot of sense, and finally clear up the huge mystery. But let me know which of the two you prefer by leaving a comment down below.

Today's video was supposed to be the Star Wars FAQ video for Sunday the 17th of July. However, after writing the script and recording the audio, I realised a fellow Star Wars YouTuber very recently released a video on this very topic.

So rather than just waste the script, I thought I may as well use it. Also, the video was going to contain a funny skit at the end. Because I never got round to editing the video I'll have to leave you with the text dialogue. It won't be as funny, but hopefully you still enjoy it! To set the scene, Windu is talking to Palpatine when he realises the Supreme Chancellor may be the Dark Lord of the Sith:

Windu: And that’s when I said “I’ve had it with these motherf*****g Separatists in this motherf*****g Petranaki arena.”

(Windu and Palpatine laugh)

Windu: Hold up.

(Windu sniffs)

Windu: Do you smell that?

Palpatine: Sorry, I had Rancor for lunch.

Windu: No, not that. I’m getting a wiff of… Sith Lord. Are you?

Palpatine: Can’t say I am (hides lynx dark side).

Windu: No, that definitely is the scent of a Sith Lord!

Palpatine: I think you need your sinuses checked (laughs).

Windu: It seems to be coming from you!

Palpatine: Hahaha, good joke there Jedi… (whispers) Commander Cody, come in. Cody, come in. Quick!

Windu: Are you talking to someone?

Palpatine: No, no, no. Nope. Definitely not.

Commander Cody: Lord Sidious.

Palpatine: Cody, keep your voice down. For the love of Naboo!

Windu: I’m going to contact the Jedi Council, something is not right here.

Palpatine: Cody, execute Order 66.

Cody: Are you sure, my Lord?

Palpatine: Yes! The time has come, yadda, yadda, yadda. Just do it!

Windu: Hmmm, they’re not answering.

Palpatine: That’s very weird. Oh Windu, I heard that a battalion of clone troopers were wanting to speak with you just outside my office.

Windu: Oh really?

Palpatine: Yes, yes. Something about spring break.

Windu: Okay, but stay here. I still sense the dark side.

Palpatine: I’ll be right here, waiting for your return, because you will return. It’s not as if you will die or anything!

(Windu exits)

Windu: Hey guys, what’s up? Why are you firing? This isn’t a very funny joke! You will all die for this. Arghhhhh…

Palpatine: No, no, you will die!

Palpatine: Hehehe…. Oh S**t, Skywalker!

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