• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Commander Gree

Commander Gree was a loyal, talented and disciplined soldier, whose sharp mind and battle prowess made him the perfect second-in-command to Luminara Unduli and later Yoda. With a clear distaste for those who betrayed the Republic, the Commander did not hesitate to execute a superior’s orders, even if that order was to gun down the Jedi he had so faithfully followed throughout the Clone Wars. Unlike his fellow clones, Gree grew an abnormal fascination with alien lifeforms, which gave birth to his own nickname.

During the early stages of the Clone Wars, Commander Gree wore detailed green Phase I clone trooper armour. Equipped with a black-coloured bandoleer for extra ammunition, Gree held thermal detonators in his utility belt. When he switched to Phase II clone trooper armour, Gree still sported the colour green, though in different areas, and certain sections featured a darker shade. Just above his reinforced tactical boots were armour knee plates, which often needed replaced. For complete camouflage, the Commander even carried personal green-coloured macrobinoculars. Just like every other member of the 41st Elite Corps, Gree had another set of Phase II armour for scouting missions. He primarily carried a DC-15A blaster rifle, though the clone also equipped a DC-17 blaster pistol for backup use.

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