• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Darth Malak

Unlike Revan, who was remembered and admired for his tactical prowess, the atrocities committed by Darth Malak overshadowed his good deeds as a Jedi Knight. Many in the galaxy believed he was genocidal and had left the galaxy in a state of turmoil. Throughout his entire life, Malak was always unfairly compared to Revan, making him feel inferior. Before taking the name “Malak”, Alek was an optimistic Jedi with a distinctive sense of justice. In his mind, if he had to enter the darkness to save the light, then so be it. As a Jedi Knight, Alek wore a set of red Jedi robes and used a lightsaber with a blue crystal. He was often called “Squint” by fellow Jedi due to his surname (Squinquargesimus), which was assigned to him after fleeing his home planet. Alek received his unique blue head tattoos while helping Zayne Carrick clear his name. Believing that the Jedi Order had failed to uphold their vows as the guardians of peace and justice, Alek happily joined the Revanchists. When Alek met Jarael at Flashpoint station, he instantly became fixated with her. Soon thereafter, the Jedi attempted to enter into a relationship with the Arkanian. Unfortunately, she had to decline, due to recent experiences that had left her vulnerable. The two later headed their separate ways.

Many in the galaxy were quick to notice the importance of Malak’s fierce courage and relentless fury at the forefront of every battle, which proved vital during the Mandalorian Wars. However, as each victory came at the expense of moral compromises, Malak felt himself drifting closer and closer to the dark side, though he saw no other path. However, upon falling completely, he felt apprehensive, and still held true to the Jedi way. Even after further corruption by the dark side, Malak could never fully rid himself of the light. Moments before his passing, the Dark Lord of the Sith wondered what his life would have been like if he hadn’t fallen, or had the willpower like Revan to forsake the dark side to once more become a Jedi. After defecting the Jedi Order, Malak wore skin-tight, red-orange body armour - showing off his physique - as well as a half-cape. He employed a self-built lightsaber, which produced a longer than normal red blade. In addition, he rarely wielded a Sith sword that he recovered from Korriban.

Darth Malak came to be known as one of the most skilled swordsmen of his time. Building upon his time as a Jedi Guardian, he fought aggressively with one-hand. Having advanced Force powers, he was able to block out pain, heal and protect. His Force abilities extended to chokes, the formation of stasis fields, and leaping large distances. Malak was able to amplify his screams to trigger shockwaves that rippled through the Force. He could also tap into his greatest fears, pain, and hate to convert them into intense anger. Lastly, Malak was skilled in Sith sorcery and Force lightning.

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