• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Embo

Embo was a quiet individual, and he only spoke in his native language, making it hard for others to understand him. However, no one, especially his enemies, misunderstood his ruthless nature. Embo was extremely acrobatic, allowing him to jump great heights and run faster than humans. His proficiency in unarmed combat made him equal to most Jedi and Sith when it came to close-quarter duels. Despite having an incredibly accurate shot with his bowcaster, Embo wasn’t afraid to use his disc-shaped hat, which could take out opponents at a distance, shield himself from blaster fire, and even double as a sled! During the Clone Wars, Embo was considered one of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunters, second only to Cad Bane. Standing him apart from such bounty hunters as Cad Bane and Jango Fett, Embo hardly ever used technology. Throughout his heyday, the Kyuzo wore a chest plate, a bandoleer slung over his shoulder, and a long red fighting skirt, which was decorated with gold symbols.

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