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Exclusive: Noel's Top 10 YouTube Channels

When I'm not working full time making YouTube videos, I'm watching YouTube videos. Honestly, my life revolves around the video sharing website. So with that being said, I must subscribe to a lot of channels, right? Yes... Yes I do. But out of the 87, there are 10 specific channels that hold a very special place in my heart. These YouTubers genuinely impress, excite and entertain me with each upload, and I make it a priority to watch their content before any other. Without any further ado, let's take a look at my favourite YouTube channels!

Number 10. LoveLittleLottie (Subscriber count: 124)

I thought I was a creative person... And then I came across this channel. LoveLittleLottie, run by Sarah, is a channel filled with voice-overs and vlogs. In one of her series, titled Dawn, Sarah takes clips from Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries to create her own totally unique story - how creative is that?! In addition, Sarah has been working on her own novel, The Slayer, which she has recently began converting into an audiobook. Although her content is probably based more towards a female audience, I still enjoy her videos all the same. And as someone who has always wanted to make a TV show and write a novel, I actually feel very inspired by Sarah. She definitely deserves more subscribers, so do check out LoveLittleLottie.

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB0lqTGjigl2xU9YjV6nTJw/featured

Number 09. The Game Theorists (Subscriber count: 6,777,886)

I love video games and I also love theories of any kind, so you can probably understand my fascination with this channel. Not only does MatPat offer excellent analysis and commentary, but the editor's work is mind-blowing! As an editor of six years myself, as sad as it sounds, I often look past video commentary to closely inspect the editing style. I just sit there and piece together how each transition was achieved, what effects were used and so on. It sounds really geeky... And it is. The editing masterclass is awe-inspiring, and it just goes to show what can be achieved when time and effort is placed into the task. With each video produced at a very high and professional standard, it's really easy to see why this channel has nearly 7 million subscribers... But hey, that's just a theory. A Game Theory! You have no idea how many times a week I just randomly burst out with that line :P

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/user/MatthewPatrick13

Number 08. CinemaSins (Subscriber count: 6,049,595)

No movie is without Sin, and boy, don't these guys know it! As a massive fan of film, I enjoy watching CinemaSins critique and analyse the silver screen. It's always interesting and fun to watch panned films feel the wrath of Jeremy an co, and even more so when it's one of your favourite movies!

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/user/CinemaSins/featured

Number 07. RealLifeLore (Subscriber count: 26,190)

It may come as a shock to you, but I'm enthralled with lore. As a result, I'm also greatly interested in history, you know, the not so made up stuff. Despite not having his channel for long, RealLifeLore covers a wide range of intriguing matters, from the real life history which inspired A Game of Thrones, to the origin and meaning of certain flags. It's safe to say I have learned more from his 9 uploads than I ever did from History class in High School :P

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5tjEmvPItGyLhmjdwP7Ww/featured

Number 06. ADoseofBuckley (Subscriber count: 597,727 subscribers)

Angry humour from an angry man - not only is that Buckley's tagline, but it's a perfect description of his channel. Every Sunday, Buckley offers his opinion on either the latest news from around the world, recent celebrity kerfuffles, or brutal analysis on trending songs - which I actually like the most. His videos always offer interesting and very opinionated views, so feel free to challenge him in the comments section of each upload!

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/user/ADoseofBuckley

Number 05. Rob Dyke (Subscriber count: 2,352,505)

Rob Dyke's YouTube channel offers both comedy and tragedy, making it very different to most others. As sadistic as it sounds, serial killers, unsolved crimes and world mysteries are all deeply fascinating subjects, which explains the channel's huge subscriber total. What's more, each episode is very well written, edited and presented. Although you may find some of his content disturbing, you might enjoy Rob's comedy videos. He's a pretty funny guy!

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRobDyke/featured

Number 04. ashens (Subscriber count: 1,194,809)

Stuart Ashen reviews everything from old and new gadgets to knock off merchandise, all on an old couch in his living room. That may sound a bit weird and low-budget to you, but just give his channel a chance. What stands Stuart apart from other reviewers on YouTube is that he's incredibly witty. At least once in every video he has me laughing out loud. I'm such a fan of his that I bought his 2013 movie on Blu-ray, even though it is free to watch on YouTube. His review style actually inspired my own, so yeah, he's a pretty big influence.

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/user/ashens/featured

Number 03. Alt Shift X (Subscriber count: 497,711)

Alt Shift X uploads videos mostly covering Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, from which the TV show is based. Every video is clear, well thought out, and easy to understand. I especially like his in-depth analysis on episodes in the Game of Thrones TV show. Fun fact: it came to a point during season 6 that I looked forward more to his analysis than I did the actual Game of Thrones episodes! It's also worth mentioning that Alt Shift X's voice is very soothing.

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/user/JaiWbio/featured

Number 02. WhatCulture Wrestling (Subscriber count: 819,435)

I always find it difficult explaining my love for professional wrestling. From the outside, wrestling is just a predetermined cluster of half naked men, who battle for a fake championship. Clearly it is predetermined, but the art of wrestling is what fascinates me. I don't care if it's men or women I see squaring off in the ring, I just want to watch exciting action and witness brilliant story telling. The sheer athleticism of each wrestler and how they manage to coordinate such epic battles is breathtaking. I guess I actually care more about what happens behind the scenes than what the product actually portrays. Regardless, when you have such a huge passion for something, especially when it's classed as a bit weird, it's always great finding people who also share that passion. WhatCulture Wrestling is a channel filled with brilliant content centering around the world of professional wrestling. Whether it's analysis, reviews or predictions, the channel only enhances your love for the sport. I actually envy those who work behind the scenes at WhatCulture Wrestling simply because it's a dream job! If my personal YouTube career ever fails, my CV may or may not head in the direction of Newcastle :P

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq8jp0E99ELBvmBxjJ-JLgA

Number 01. TheCancrizans

I'm only joking :P

Actual Number 01. I Hate Everything (Subscriber count: 968,138)

IHE is the greatest thing in the history of anything ever! Despite the negative connotations you may associate with a channel titled 'I Hate Everything', you really need to check this guy out. Alex is incredibly funny and offers very substantial arguments, even when discussing something as minute as Minions. As mentioned earlier, I'm a huge fan of film, so I particularly enjoy his Search for the Worst series, where he tries to find the worst movie ever created. But what seals the deal for me is the catchy jingle at the beginning of each episode. It gets stuck in my head regularly!

Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/user/IHEOfficial

So there we have it, my top 10 favourite YouTube channels. I implore every single one of you to check them out. I'm not saying my opinion is the be all and end all, but there's a reason why they stand out from the crowd for me. What are some of your favourite YouTube channels? Let me know in the comments below. For those of you wondering, the second Ask Me Anything is coming very shortly! I'm away to play some air guitar... Catch you all later!

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