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Ask Me Anything! #2

Hello everyone, welcome to the second article in an exclusive series for the website. As you can probably guess, in each installment I will answer all of your guys' questions, whether it be about my thoughts on Star Wars, things about my personal life, or how I run TheCancrizans. Thanks to everyone who participated in this second edition. Without any further ado, let's answer some questions!

Question 1:

I live in a small Scottish town called Glenrothes. If you are looking for a vibrant town, filled with cheerful folk... Don't come to Glenrothes. However, if you are some sort of roundabout connoisseur, you'll love the town! Seriously, I'm not joking, the traffic circles are brilliantly decorated with flowers. You can easily spot the region I live in on a map of Scotland - just look for the dog head. If it's any help, I live less than an hours drive away from Edinburgh.

Question 2:

Although I sometimes forget to, any sources I use are enclosed within the video's description box.

Question 3:

That is a really tough question to answer. For me there are two games that immediately jump out, those being Star Wars: Battlefront II and Timesplitters 2. I remember spending far too much of my childhood playing both games. I absolutely love them both, but since I can only choose one, I'll pick Timesplitters 2. Every so often I salvage my PS2 from my attic just to play that particular game, so it would be incredibly handy to just have it remastered for current gen consoles.

Question 4:

Damn, you took away my answer there :P I'd probably have to say Maul. It's no secret that I dislike the fact Maul came back from the whole being cut in half ordeal in The Phantom Menace, but I can't wait to see what happened to the former Sith Lord. Because he never appeared in the original trilogy, he must die in an epic lightsaber duel with Vader or something, right? Regardless, I hope to see the Zabrak take on the fallen Jedi at some point!

Question 5:

Firstly, I have never really watched Doctor Who. I mean, I remember watching it once when I was younger and thinking it was a bit naff due to the somewhat low production values. But, to be fair, I haven't given it a proper chance. Secondly, in terms of TV shows, I absolutely love Game of Thrones. For me, the story is absolutely awe-inspiring, and I can't even comprehend how complex some plot lines are as well as the vast amount of lore it has. In essence, it takes the cake over series like The Walking Dead because it's not just purely about mindlessly killing zombies and shrugging off played out villains, every single episode is incredibly well thought out and you never know what is going to happen. It also helps that there are DRAGONS! I also really like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Gotham. In terms of movies, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Dark Knight trilogy are always the go to films for me. I actually watched the Dark Knight Rises the other night there, and after every line of Bane dialogue, I couldn't help myself, I had to repeat the villain in my Bane impersonation voice!

Question 6:

This is going to sound really bad coming from a guy who primarily covers Star Wars lore, but I'm actually unsure what new lightsaber lore there is. You'll need to let me know what recent changes have been made in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter.

Question 7:

As far as I'm aware, no. Although George Lucas took many inspirations from real life when crafting the Star Wars universe, I think he left that one out. It's safe to assume that the Empire's stormtroopers marched in the same manners as their clone predecessors.

Question 8:

Definitely orange with a red core. Even though I would be a Gray Jedi, the colour combination would just look awesome!

Thanks again for all of the questions. If you want to participate in this series, then leave your questions in the comments below. Make sure to come back again for article 3!

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