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5 Sith Who Joined the Light Side (Legends)

In both Canon and Legends universes, countless Jedi have jumped ship from the light side to the dark side. However, there are some Sith who pursued the exact opposite path. Today’s list will be purely looking at those who first of all trained in the dark side of the Force as Sith only to eventually become a Jedi and/or join the light side of the Force. So don’t expect to see Revan, Anakin Skywalker, or even Mara Jade feature in this countdown. Now that the ground rules have been set out, here are 5 Sith who joined the light side!

Number 05. Gravid

Darth Gravid ruled as the Dark Lord of the Sith around half a century before the Battle of Yavin. However, coming to the realisation that absolute commitment to the dark side of the Force would be the downfall of the Sith Order, he was drawn to the light side. As a result, Gravid introduced altruism and empathy into his teachings and practices, only to lose his sanity in the process. After using the Force to raise barriers around his fortress, he began to destroy his collection of Sith artifacts, holocrons, and tomes. Although Gravid was interrupted and defeated by his apprentice, Darth Gean, the impact of his actions were felt by the Sith Order for generations, hindering the Grand Plan that Darth Bane had initiated to destroy the Jedi Order and topple the Galactic Republic.

Number 04. Kel'eth Ur

Kel’eth Ur was once a Sith Lord of the Sith Empire. However, by the end of his life, he had reverted to the Jedi view of things, teaching that passion only led to temporary strength and that true strength was found in peace. Unfortunately, in 4606 BBY, he was slain by the Emperor for his heresy.

Number 03. Sajar

As an incredibly powerful Force-user, Sajar quickly rose through the ranks of the Sith Order. Before long, he became a Sith Lord and a member of the Sith Empire’s ruling Dark Council. During his time as a Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sajar lured Jedi Master Tol Braga into a trap on the planet Dantooine. He attempted to immediately kill the Jedi, only to duel Braga for three days straight. Throughout the entirety of the battle, both debated their respective sides of the Force. And by the end of the duel, Sajar was convinced to abandon the dark side and join the Jedi Order. But not long after becoming Braga’s Padawan, he was caught in an Imperial invasion on Quesh, and slipped back into the grasp of the dark side. Sajar managed to regain control of himself though, and chose to die as a servant of the light at the hands of the Emperor’s Wrath, rather than become a Sith once more. Fortunately, Sajar was saved, and continued his life as a Jedi.

Number 02. Praven

When found to be Force-sensitive, Praven immediately underwent training in the dark side of the Force. He became adamantly loyal to the Sith Empire and its Emperor. And as a true believer in the Sith philosophy, Praven developed a deep hatred for Jedi. Under the tutelage of Sith Lord Darth Angral, he achieved the rank of Sith Lord himself and in turn trained Angral’s own son as his apprentice. In 3653 BBY, Praven participated in the bold assault on Coruscant, the Republic capital. During the attack, the Sith Lord defeated one of the Jedi Order’s most decorated lightsaber duelists, Master Usma. In the years that followed, Angral ordered his apprentices to find the Shock Drum, a superweapon created by the Galactic Republic. When Praven located the Shock Drum on the Tatooine, he was ordered to destroy the planet. However, his sense of honour caused him to betray his Master. Not long after, Praven abandoned the dark side to become Jedi. As a Padawan, he learned the ways of the light side of the Force and gladly joined the Republic military. Then at the birth of the Galactic War, Praven helped repel Imperial forces in the Battle of Corellia. The former Sith Lord’s redemption was complete when he successfully prevented the Sith Emperor and Dark Jedi Tol Braga from killing thousands of innocent lives.

Number 01. Galen Marek/Starkiller

As the son of two Jedi Knights, Galen Marek was all set to follow in the footsteps of his parents by studying the light side of the Force. However, during the Second Battle of Kashyyyk, Darth Vader killed Galen’s father before abducting the youngster. Looking to exploit his exceptionally strong connection to the Force, Vader trained the orphan in the ways of the Sith Order. As Marek delved into the dark side, his childhood memories were suppressed and his former identity was forgotten. As Vader’s Sith assassin, Galen operated under the name “Starkiller.” He was so gifted in both the Force and lightsaber combat that he defeated renown fugitive Jedi Masters, such as Rahm Kota, Shaak Ti and Kazdan Paratus. However, Darth Sidious discovered Vader’s plan to use Starkiller as a means of gaining ultimate power over the Galactic Empire. And so, as a test of true loyalty, Vader seemingly killed his apprentice. The Dark Lord of the Sith secretly spared Starkiller so that he could assemble an army of rebels, causing a civil war and a distraction to assassinate Sidious. But after Vader betrayed him once more, he rejected the codename Starkiller and reclaimed his birth name. For the first time, Marek considered himself as a Jedi. After infiltrating the Death Star, he defeated his former Master in battle, before taking on Sidious. The Jedi ultimately sacrificed himself to save the rebel leaders, postponing the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War in the process. In honour of his memory, the Marek family crest became the official emblem of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

So there we have it, 5 Sith who joined the light side in Legends. Let me know who your favourite is by leaving a comment down below.

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