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Star Wars FAQ – The Oldest Living Being (Legends)

Observer asks: Who was the oldest living being in the Star Wars galaxy, and what species had the longest life span? Well, let’s find out! Welcome to Star Wars FAQ: The Oldest Living Being.

When pondering the longest living being in the Star Wars universe, Yoda immediately springs to mind. Having kicked around for 900 hundred years, he’s surely the one to beat, right? Well, surprisingly, 900 hundred years is rather tame compared to the lifespan of some aliens in the galaxy. First of all, let’s take a look at those who lived for thousands of years with a little help. Relin Druur, Saes Rrogon and the crew of the Harbinger travelled 5,000 years into the future, accidently, after their hyperspace tunnel became unstable, meaning they were all suddenly and technically thousands of years old. Ood Bnar was a Jedi Master who also lived for over 5000 years, except he spent most of his lifetime in his true, tree-like state. Similarly, Roni von Wasaki was a Jedi Knight who spent 20,000 years in carbonite. But edging out just in front of Wasaki is Arden Lyn, whose heart was stopped before being destroyed, sending her into a Force trance lasting 25,000 years.

All of a sudden this video seems like an auction, but do we have any advances on 25,000 years? Oh, man in the unusual red clothing. 20,000 years? Mate, Arden Lyn has you beat there… What was that? You done it legit?! Can we get a quick polygraph test on that one? Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Rokur Gepta was a Force-sensitive Sith sorcerer. Born 20 millennia before the Battle of Yavin, Gepta lived a long and eventful life until 3 BBY, and did not resort to any form of trickery, like hibernation or time travel to do so.

So now that we know the longest ever living being in the Star Wars galaxy, let’s answer part two of Observer’s question; what species had the longest life span? Well, the Kadri'Ra come very close, having an average lifespan of 1000-1500 years. However, the large sentient species are superseded by the Neti and the Gen’dai. The average lifespan of the Force-sensitive, shapeshifting sentient plant race – try saying that ten times fast - known as the Neti was several thousand years. As users of photosynthesis, they only needed water and regular access to broad-spectrum light to survive. And, as previously stated with Ood Bnar, the Neti could live in their hibernation trance almost indefinitely. However, if you think the whole hibernation trance thing is a cop out, then the longest living species is the Gen’Dai. The boneless humanoids were pretty much immortal due to their incredible healing abilities, meaning they could simply regrow limbs lost in combat in just a few minutes. The only way to permanently kill a Gen’Dai was by complete vaporisation or incineration on an atomic level. Therefore, this truly remarkable race could live for 4000-7000 years!

So there we have it, the longest living being in the Star Wars universe was Rokur Gepta, and the species with the longest lifespan was either the Neti or the Gen’Dai, depending on how you look at it. If you have a question about the Star Wars universe that you wold like answered in this series, leave a comment below.

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