• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at General Hux

Armitage Hux always believed that appearances were vital for maintaining discipline, and so wore a parade uniform designed to broadcast his authority as a general. Aside from wearing a gaberwool officer’s greatcoat, Hux donned a polished officer’s buckle, traditional flared-hip breeches and insulated boots.

Armitage equipped the officer’s edition of the standard stormtrooper sidearm, which was cast in black plasteel as opposed to the white body of the infantry version. The blaster contained a power cell, lasing chamber access pins, a trigger coded to Hux’s fingerprint, and a heat dispersing barrel head.

Hux was of course a general, but the First Order utilised a wide array of ranks to establish each officer. The commemorative ranking system consisted of armbands bearing the names of famous units and heroes of the Galactic Civil War.

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