• Mattie Stu

Fan Theory - The Rogue One Cast Are The Knights of Ren?!

The Knights of Ren are a mysterious bunch: sure we know that the leader was Ben Solo and that they destroyed Luke Skywalker’s generation of Jedi, but what other individuals made up the dark side organisation? Well, what if the main protagonists of Rogue One were actually the six mysterious members?! After all, the anthology film is all about good people turning bad… Roll the intro!

Although bits and pieces have been revealed about the Knights of Ren since the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, the group largely remains a mystery. However, the concept art, released in the book The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, better clarifies how the Knights differentiate from one another. In the above image, the five members are labelled as the Heavy, the Armory, the Rogue, the Sniper and the Monk. But does the image remind you of another? It should, just look at one of the promotional pictures for Rogue One. Not only are there also five members, but the similarities between each character and the Knights of Ren are remarkable: the Sniper and Cassian Andor hold their weapons in the exact same manner, the Armory and Bodhi Rook both wear goggles and carry many small items on their chest, the Heavy and Baze Malbus have very specific armour that covers one shoulder, and the Rogue may well be Jyn Erso. After all, she is the protagonist going “rogue”, the one to infiltrate the Galactic Empire for the Rebel Alliance. So, it’s only fitting that the rogue one is the Rogue. The only member whose outfit does not match that of a Knight is Chirrut Imwe. However, the character is described as a “spiritual warrior”, and both men appear to wield staff-like weapons.

Of course the story of Rogue One details how the rebels were able to obtain the Death Star plans, but wouldn’t it be thrilling to see how the Knights of Ren were formed? It’s not a stretch to think that a group of strangers who were formed to enact against the Empire were inadvertently turned to the dark side, or were captured and corrupted. Disney know that the conception of the Knights of Ren could be enough for a movie in its own right, so why not include that in Rogue One as a massive climactic plot twist? This theory of course does hinge on one massive detail; if the Knights of Ren are all confirmed to be Force-sensitive, then we can effectively kiss goodbye to this idea. Also, age may be a huge issue. Because of those reasons, I will rate this theory a 5/10. It’s a concept.

If you guys haven’t already guessed, I’m a huge fan of this theory, but do you also feel the same way? Let me know your opinion on this idea by leaving a comment below, and feel free to suggest topics for future Star Wars fan theory videos.

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