• Mattie Stu

Fan Theory - The Science Behind Minecraft!

When you begin your Minecraft adventure, you’ll find yourself a bit too busy fighting for survival and building giant golden penises to worry about the physics of the world. But upon viewing your beautiful surroundings, you’ll notice there is something terribly wrong… Hit the intro!

Once you’ve played Minecraft long enough, you’ll eventually realise how weird it is to see the moon on the opposite side of the sun, every single day. Even in a world made of identically-shaped cubes, it makes approximately zero sense! If the sun is always on the exact opposite side of the moon, then surely the Earth would sit in-between. This would mean, rather than revolving around the Earth, the moon simply rotates in its own orbit around the sun. However, such an explanation would only make sense if the stars moved, which they don’t. At midnight on any given evening, you can spot the exact same constellations in the exact same spot, without fail. So rather than everything revolving around the sun, in Minecraft, everything revolves around Earth…

Despite going against everything astronomy has taught us, there is no other explanation. Clearly when creating Minecraft, Notch wasn’t out to completely f**k over astrophysics, but it does leave the internet to come up with an explanation for such an anomaly, which of course means the finger is being pointed at humans. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s story time!

Once upon a time, the solar system was much like our own, until the sun died out. In a last-ditch effort to save themselves, the Minecraft people ignited their own world, hoping to create a new star from their sacrifice. Those reaming then settled on the dead rock that was once their sun. This explains why you can go anywhere, build anything you want, and mine a seemingly never-ending fortune of minerals. And in the sky above you can only gaze at the star that was once your home…

I absolutely love this theory simply because it makes so much sense, it’s the only explanation that solves the mysterious astronomy of the Minecraft world. As a result, I will rate this theory a 9/10, Very likely, though creepers still make no sense! Do you agree with my rating? Let me know your opinion on the theory by leaving a comment down below, as well as what fan theories I should cover in the future.

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