• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Rancor Subspecies

A multitude of rancor subspecies existed across the entire galaxy, and most did not evolve naturally, rather they were bred by either genetic manipulations or Sith alchemy. Two of which were the jungle rancor, which were found on worlds such as Teth, and the Coloi rancor, a lighter-boned, large-winged, and armour-plated creature created from Sith alchemy by Sith Lord Quorlac Fornayh. When Emperor Palpatine was reborn, several alchemically altered Chrysalide rancors defended his citadel on Byss. Some mutant rancors were rather difficult to classify, one being a larger than normal, toxic fume-breathing, nearly green-skinned monstrosity created by the Disciples of Ragnos so they could rob Taanab cities in the chaos of an attack. However, upon release, the rancor decided to just attack the disciples instead. As it was invulnerable to conventional weapons, Jedi Jaden Korr had to pin it back with a force field and a large crate. Another mutant rancor was the Undead Rancor, which was mutated by Imperial Bioweapons Project I71A. It resided on Dathomir in the Imperial Quarantine Zone, before being killed by a group of spacers.

Some of the most famous rancor subspecies were the Dathomiri gnarled rancor and rancor pygmy. However, many breeds had evolved into distinct subspecies all across the galaxy, such as the huge tyrant rancor and the amphibious Tra’cor, which were found on Socorro. An extremely rare variant was the bull rancor of Felucia. The ancient and near-mythical beasts had paler flesh, elongated tails and immense horns that sprouted from their colossal skulls. Dark Jedi Marris Brood managed to tame one such rancor, making it her pet.

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