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Star Wars Weapons Lore - Swords


In a galaxy dominated by blasters and lightsabers, swords became largely ceremonial weapons. However, in the right hands, they were just as deadly as any other killing tool…


The exact origin of the sword was unclear, but the concept of a blade protruding from a basic hilt was found across countless different cultures. Whether it be for military, religious or ceremonial use, the weapon was improved upon and modified as the years passed. With ever improving technology, newly found alloys, and changing fighting styles, many incarnations of short swords, agile rapiers, double-bladed swords, heavy broadswords, and even vibroswords were created. Without a doubt, the sword was the conceptual precursor to the lightsaber. However, both weapons managed to co-exist in the galaxy due to their differing pros and cons.

Over the years, in an attempt to maintain their cutting edge and increase damage output, swords were fitted with alloys, crystals, minerals, and even bone. Powered swords, which utilised vibration technology, decreased blade friction, making them more dangerous. With the creation of the lightsaber, swords were forced to adapt. In order to engage and deflect a lightsaber blade, the weapons were laced with or composed of exotic materials like cortosis, obsidian, or phrik. Regular sword blades comprised of metal, plasteel, or highly-bonded poly-layered ceramics. Because swords were essentially omnipresent in the galaxy, many Jedi and Sith chose to wield the weapons, even after the creation of the lightsaber. While Dark Jedi Ludo Kressh utilised a double-bladed war sword, Naga Sadow wielded a Sith sword. During the Freedon Nadd Uprising, both sides of the conflict wielded swords. And nearing the conclusion of the same conflict, the spirit of Freedon Nadd presented Satal and Aleema Keto with two ancient Sith swords. The Jedi eventually concluded that swords were “barbaric” in comparison to their signature weapon, though the Sith preferred the more visceral feel of slicing flesh with metal. The Sith blades often comprised of a cortosis alloy for protection against lightsabers. While pure cortosis ore blades could briefly shorten out lightsabers, they were not very durable.

Despite being classed as an ancient weapon as the Galactic Empire rose to power, swords were still widely used throughout the galaxy. Although blasters became the more proliferate weapon, the Sanyassans wielded swords during the Galactic Civil War, while modern variations like the Mustafar bandit sword were created. Following the fall of the Empire, Kiro, a member of the Alliance of Free Planets, used a sword during the Skirmish on Kinooine to slay several Nagai soldiers…

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