• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Exar Kun

The impact of Exar Kun’s war with the Republic was felt throughout the galaxy for thousands of years. In addition to the millions who perished as a direct result of the conflict, nearly a quarter of the civilised worlds of the Republic were devastated by the Great Sith War. Although the Republic were able to greatly rebuild their shattered infrastructure and economy over a 30-year Restoration Period, the government were embroiled in another galaxy-wide conflict not long after. On Yavin 4, while it took ten years for the moon to be green once more, Kun’s temples stood for millennia. Despite all of the bloodshed, the Dark Lord’s story was largely regarded as legend, especially after the Galactic Empire’s destruction of many historical sources during the sacking of the Jedi Temple. But, with that being said, he was remembered in some circles as the inventor of the double-bladed lightsaber. His creation inspired many Jedi and Sith alike over years, most notably Darth Maul - a Zabrak Sith assassin who lived several thousand years after the Great Sith War. Kun’s lightsaber itself was recovered by Jedi Shadow Celeste Morne, who placed it in the Covenant’s storehouse in the Sanctum of the Exalted. However, the weapon changed hands multiple times thereafter, eventually finding its way back to the Jedi Council. Even after his death, Kun managed to defeat Jedi: to slay the creatures created from the Dark Lord’s Sith alchemy, the Jedi Order launched the successful yet costly Great Hunt. In addition, the trapped souls within the Golden Globe on Yavin 4 were freed by Jedi Master Ikrit, Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila.

As a Jedi, Exar Kun was so confident in his abilities and talent that he came across as arrogant. Although he held great respect for his master, he grew impatient at the slow pace of his lessons. Furthermore, he felt greatly underestimated by his master and peers, which fueled an inner anger that wept out during sparring sessions. The emotional struggle he felt on a daily basis eased him down the path to the dark side. However, it was his fear of death that finally closed the door on the Jedi Order. Once accepting his fate, Kun never looked back, fully embracing his new role. Exar and Ulic Qel-Droma’s relationship was a rocky one. Kun became frustrated with Qel-Droma’s rashness and disobedience, and wasn’t afraid to let the Sith apprentice carry out his own plans, only to fail and face the consequences alone. In addition, he scoffed at Qel-Droma’s attempts to prove his manhood. Kun was a very ambitious individual. Always with an eye on the future, he based his goals on Sith teaching, not the “creaking old” Republic and Jedi ways. Even after his death, the spirit of Kun strived to make an impact on the galaxy, though the millennia of isolation turned him half-mad and rather desperate.

Vodo-Siosk Baas hailed Kun as the most formidable student he ever trained, and his power only grew as he accepted the dark side into his heart. Although he lost his ability to tap into the light side of the Force, the dark side offered Kun many new opportunities. The Dark Lord studied Sith magic, allowing him to unleash enormous amounts of destructive dark side energy. His abilities once more increased upon discovering Naga Sadow’s Corsair. As Kun delved deeper into Sith magic, he discovered pathways he did not truly understand. However, despite his incredible potential in Sith magic, he shone the most with his lightsaber skills. Even as an apprentice, he was able to defeat his master, as he could tap into his inner anger through the Niman combat form. Kun’s dueling ability was later enhanced when he introduced a second adjustable blade to his lightsaber: the Dark Lord often tricked his opponents into overextending themselves to create openings for fatal counterstrikes. However, Kun was also very capable of using blaster pistols and vibroweapons, and could deploy Force Lightning. Aside from weaponry and Force powers, Exar was fluent in the languages Basic, Arkanian, Ryl, Catharese, Kreva and Tetan.

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