• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Unkar Plutt

Removed from the saltwater of Crul, Unkar’s body sagged unsettlingly on his frame, giving him the appearance of a melted blobfish, only adding to his unappealing demeanour. In an attempt to cover up his body tissue, Plutt wore a leather cap and an apron made from salvaged hull plates. As Jakku lacked a communication grid, the junk boss used a comlink with a long-range antenna to communicate with his thugs. The lackeys kept an eye out for unauthorised barter or off-world food. They covered their faces with head wrappings or masks to conceal their identity, avoiding any reprisals during their “off-hours”. However, they never realised that their voices, body language and belligerent attitudes were easily identifiable. The thugs carried small and concealable snub-blasters, all of which had their serial numbers removed. As someone who took his complete control over Jakku’s survival rations very seriously, Unkar set aside some of his wealth for the gang of dim-witted henchmen. The ration packs were salvaged from New Republic and Imperial military kits. The dehydrated rations needed to be mixed with pure water, a luxury item that Plutt also sold. Some of the rationed food were the polystarch bread and the protein-enhanced veg-meat. Unkar’s workspace was fitted with security monitors to ensure no desperate scavengers were able to steal any of his provisions.

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