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Star Wars Lore - Captain Fordo (Legends)

ARC-77, who became known as “Fordo”, was a highly skilled and reliable clone trooper. As an Advanced Recon Commando captain, he led his troops in many daring missions, and fought alongside the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Yoda and Mace Windu. As a fearless and tactically-gifted soldier, Fordo’s influence throughout the Clone Wars was rewarded with the prestigious Chancellor’s Service Medal…

Fordo’s first participation of the Clone Wars came in 22 BBY, where he and Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi led an army to the planet Muunilinst. As a Task Force Commander for the mission, Fordo spearheaded a team of two ARC lieutenants and seven infantry clone troopers. In an attempt to cease the InterGalactic Banking Clan’s production of droid soldiers for the CIS, the group that would become known as The Muunilinst 10 made their own way to the city of Harnaidan. However, before they could, their LAAT gunship was shot down. Despite surviving the crash, the group soon found themselves under sniper fire, subsequently losing CT-43/002. From behind the burnt wreckage of the gunship, Fordo spotted the snipers’ location. Proving his tactical prowess, the captain had one of his lieutenants wipe out the opposition with a PLX-1 portable missile launcher. Able to focus on their assignment once more, the remaining members of the The Muunilinst 10 made their way to San Hill’s headquarters. From the base of the tower, the clones destroyed a large defensive cannon and repelled upwards, where they awaited Obi-Wan.

Reunited with the Jedi General, Fordo and his men barged into Hill’s war room. After laying waste to the guarding droids, Fordo apprehended the InterGalactic Banking Clan leader. However, before Kenobi could negotiate Hill’s unconditional surrender, the Gen'Dai bounty hunter Durge appeared. Fordo briefly held his own against the brute, but was ultimately overpowered. Fortunately, before Durge could kill the captain, Obi-Wan used the Force to seemingly destroy the bounty hunter. With the battle finally over, Fordo and his men rounded up Hill and his aides. Following the mission’s success, the task force never had long to wait for their next assignment.

When General Daakman Barrek and his forces found themselves outflanked by General Grievous on Hypori, Fordo led a recovery effort. In addition to his team of lieutenants, favouring an aggressive approach, the captain brought along an ARC heavy gunner and a reciprocating quad blaster. On Hypori, Fordo and his men made their way to the downed Acclamator-class assault ship in which the surviving Jedi were held. After bypassing the enemy droids in their gunship, the clones located Ki-Adi-Mundi. Unfortunately, the injured Jedi Master was locked in an intense duel with General Grievous. Fordo and his men wasted little time opening fire on the cyborg. However, in retaliation, Grievous began cutting down the ARC troopers. Thinking on his feet, the captain ordered his gunship pilot to fire upon Grievous, forcing the cyborg to flee. Although Mundi pleaded with Fordo to give chase, the captain was only concerned with recovering the other surviving Jedi, knowing they would perish if more time was wasted. As a result, the critically wounded Jedi survived, and were able to return to the galactic capital of Coruscant. Due to his efforts, Fordo was awarded the Chancellor’s Service Medal. However, the captain refused the honour, instead bestowing it upon the late CT-43/002, who of course perished during the Battle of Muunilinst.

Fordo was present on Coruscant when it was attacked by the CIS, in 19 BBY. The captain valiantly defended the Sector Four district, even when his position was overrun. Thankfully, Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu arrived in support. As a result, Fordo and his men gained the upper hand. Not long after, the Republic won the Battle of Coruscant…

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