• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Durge

There was nothing in life Durge enjoyed more than killing. The Gen’Dai’s lust for blood developed from the natural aggression he harboured as a youngster, and only grew as his mental stability worsened. For the majority of his life, Durge despised Mandalorians due to both the torture he faced from them and the fact they killed his mentor Jaing.

Durge proved more than a match for Jedi knights. Not only could he swing swoop bikes as if they were bats, but lightsabers proved less than an inconvenience. In addition, the Gen’Dai’s speed enabled him to keep pace with Force-sensitives. Durge had a number of cybernetic implants on his body which allowed him to use his heavy combat armour more efficiently. The armour itself was uniquely crafted to increase his balance and agility. Furthermore, it was painted with a large symbol to represent the fallen Jaing. Durge’s own neuro-network worked in conjunction with his armour’s computer system, and his helmet’s targeting system directly connected to his optic nerves.

Durge utilised a wide array of weapons and equipment over his years as a bounty hunter, including a pair of blaster pistols, a rifle, a jetpack and energised bolas. On his armour, the Gen’Dai was equipped with machine gun gauntlets, a wrist-mounted flamethrower, a spiked flail, dart launchers and energy shields. When free from his armour, Durge was effectively Mister Fantastic as he could extend his body to reach far-away opponents, and was even capable of shaping parts of his body to instantly create claw-like weapons. For transport, Durge was supplied a NovaSword Space Superiority Fighter by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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