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Star Wars Lore - The Rise of Durge (Legends)

Due to his Gen’Dai heritage and enhanced battle armour, Durge manged to live for over two thousand years and survive many near death situations. Over the centuries, the bounty hunter developed a deep hatred for Mandalorians, which led him to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Under the command of Count Dooku, Durge led droid forces into battle numerous times, proving himself to be a capable sergeant. However, Anakin Skywalker soon found a way to destroy the Gen’Dai warrior once and for all…

Even at an early age, Durge was in exceptional physical shape, and possessed natural aggression that was uncommon for the Gen’Dai species. As soon as he witnessed bounty hunters in action, he fixated himself with the dangerous trade, which led him to Jaing. The Mandalorian training master taught Durge everything he needed to know about Mandalorian tactics and combat skill. During their time together, Durge and Jaing were approached by a doctor who offered them armour suits fitted with advanced cybernetics. Unwilling to pass on the unique opportunity, Durge and Jaing accompanied the doctor to his laboratory. On the operating table, both bodies effectively merged with their respective armour suits. However, the doctor encountered some difficulties with Durge’s Gen’Dai physiology, since his body constantly tried to heal over the cybernetics. As the two tested out their new abilities in a sparring match, the laboratory was attacked by Mandalorians. In the ensuing battle, Jaing was incapacitated by a thermal detonator. Believing his friend was dead, Durge pursued the Mandalorian leader. Unbeknownst to the Gen’Dai, the doctor orchestrated the entire attack to spark a war between the Mandalorian clans and the Sith.

During his time fighting for the Sith in the New Sith Wars, Durge familiarised himself with the techniques utilised by the Jedi to become proficient in killing them. However, he was forced into hiding following the Sith’s defeat at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. He continued to operate under a number of different aliases and false names, amassing a fortune of bounties in the process. In 132 BBY, Durge successfully slew the Mandalorian leader, but was captured soon after. He was tortured by the Mandalorians, which drove him past the edge of sanity. Despite escaping captivity, the Gen’Dai was forced to regenerate for the next century. His injuries fully healed shortly after the outbreak of the Clone Wars. However, by then, the majority of Mandalorians in the galaxy had perished. Feeling he had been cheated out of his revenge, Durge turned his attention to the Grand Army of the Republic, which was made up of soldiers cloned from the DNA of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. As a result, the Gen’Dai happily accepted Count Dooku’s invitation to join the ranks of the CIS.

Throughout the Clone Wars, Dooku often paired Durge and Asajj Ventress together for assignments. One such mission had them test out a new chemical weapon on the Gungan inhabitants of Naboo’s moon, Ohma-D’un. The swamp gas proved fatal, killing Gungans shortly after contact. However, before they could launch a full-scale gas attack on Naboo, a Republic strike team landed on the moon. Durge felt excited to face Jedi once more, and soon clubbed down his enemies. Unfortunately, the bounty hunter was stabbed in the abdomen with a lightsaber and shot through the eye. To make matters worse, Alpha-17 destroyed the shuttles destined to launch the swamp gas on Naboo. Outraged, Durge threw the commando into a fire, before Skywalker inflicted him with another injury. With no alternative, the Gen’Dai fled the battle, vowing to kill Skywalker at a later date.

Four months into the Clone Wars, Durge was dispatched to Muunilinst to safeguard the planet from an eventual Republic attack. He soon after led a charge against the Republic’s forces, wiping out many clone troopers and walkers in the process. After flanking groups of enemy soldiers, Durge came face to face with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Jedi stabbed the Gen’Dai in the gut with his lightsaber, which Durge literally laughed off. In response, Kenobi used every weapon in his arsenal, eventually cutting his opponent in half. Believing Durge to be dead, Obi-Wan continued his assault. However, the bounty hunter recovered surprisingly quickly and made his way to San Hill’s command center. Just as Kenobi apprehended the InterGalactic Banking Clan leader, Durge made his reappearance. As he barged into the room, he was met with a barrage of blaster fire, which knocked him down and ripped apart his armour. Freed from the constraint of his body suit, Durge swiped at several clone troopers and lunged towards Kenobi. Despite absorbing the Jedi into his body, Obi-Wan used the Force to rip apart the Gen’Dai from within.

Two months later, Durge and Ventress were ordered by Dooku to search for an unknown intruder in the Trenchant space station. Just as the Gen’Dai voiced his disproval at such a menial task, he was struck from behind by Dooku’s latest subordinate, Grievous. After knocking out Ventress, the cyborg was dealt a number of punches from Durge. Unphased, Grievous beheaded his opponent. As it turned out, the encounter was a test for the new recruit, which he passed with flying colours. However, unwilling to lose two faithful soldiers, Dooku ensured Durge and Ventress were nursed back to full health.

As the Clone Wars reached its climax, Durge planned to make good on his earlier promise to slay Anakin Skywalker. As a result, he lured both Skywalker and Kenobi into a trap in the Karthakk system. When the Jedi boarded a ship in search of Ventress, they were nearly blown apart by a thermal detonator. Then, Durge struck the injured Obi-Wan with a series of vicious strikes. Anakin intervened to level the playing field. In their one on one encounter, Durge initially overpowered the Jedi. However, Skywalker gained the upper hand when he introduced the Force. He hurled a number of explosives at Durge, ripping off his mask in the process. Anakin then exploited the Gen’Dai’s mindless fury to force him into an escape pod, which he Force-pushed into the nearby sun. Despite his incredible healing capabilities, Durge was killed once and for all…

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