• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Constable Zuvio

Zuvio had a strong sense of justice and could not be bribed. He always performed to the best of his ability as a constable, which built him a reputation in the Niima community. However, his office was still known to answer to the settlement’s junk boss Unkar Plutt. Regardless, Zuvio was loyal to anyone close to him, as seen during his desperate attempts to overrule CZ-1G5’s modified programming. The Kyuzo immediately regretted shooting the droid, and quickly had him repaired, reprogrammed and reinstated. The mission beforehand proved Zuvio’s resourcefulness and tenaciousness. Not only did he exploit the weaknesses of his droid opponents, but he ignored his injuries to solve the case.

Zuvio was known to carry an expression of disgruntlement due to his furrowed eyebrows and squinted eyes. However, the look was down to the poor short-range vision of the Kyuzo species, which was marginally improved by squinting. On the contrary, his long-range vision was superb, meaning he did not require optics on his weapons. The constable’s glare was enough to stop criminals dead in their tracks.

Typically, Zuvio wore a traditional Kyuzo war helmet, face wrapping to prevent sunburn, armour made from salvaged metal, and a breathable tsu-seed linen tunic. In addition, he wielded a salvaged metal vibro-halberd and carried a sensor pack with an extensible antenna.

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