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The Life of Constable Zuvio - SW: The Force Awakens Lore

As a member of the Kyuzo species, Zuvio reigned from the Outer Rim world of Phatrong. However, he found himself living on Jakku as Niima Outpost rose from the planet’s golden sands. To combat the settlement’s shady business and lawless nature, Zuvio was thrusted into the position of constable. As the head of both the Office of the Constable and the Niima Outpost Militia, the Kyuzo monitored incoming and departing starships, interrogated ship captains, dealt with cases of theft, and filled out a lot of paperwork. Patrolling duties were left to Zuvio’s two deputies, Drego and Streehn, who also happened to be his cousins. Due to his role, the constable was granted part-time use of Niima’s secretary droid CZ-1G5. The droid was around three hundred years old, according to Zuvio’s best guess, but his work rate seemingly proved otherwise. CZ-1G5 performed tasks exceptionally quickly, and accommodated Zuvio’s archaic preference for paper stock over digital copies. As the years passed by, the constable considered the droid to be the closest thing he had to a friend.

On a hotter than average day on Jakku, Zuvio found himself filling out paperwork alone. Unusually, CZ-1G5 was nowhere to be seen. Just as the constable began to worry, a huge explosion shook the walls of his office. Zuvio rushed to the scene, where he found a damaged banking ship. The vessel belonged to Rickard Lovas, a banker who regularly managed financial transactions for the people of Niima Outpost. As his deputies controlled the crowd of onlookers, Zuvio spoke with Lovas. Without a shadow of a doubt, the ship had been robbed: the cargo hold was empty and the computer core held no financial records. Rickard claimed such a task was impossible due to the core’s encryption. However, Zuvio noticed a discrepancy: the core used the exact same kind of encryption module that was located in his office. The constable immediately suspected CZ-1G5 due to the droid’s earlier behaviour and the fact he was equipped to access such modules. Unfortunately, before Zuvio’s return, 1G5 emptied the office’s weapon supply and stole a speeder bike. Knowing that the rogue secretary droid could not afford to buy his way off the planet, Zuvio made his way to an abandoned smugglers camp that was used to hide ships and avoid docking fees. As he sped across the golden sands of Jakku, he wondered why the faithful droid had betrayed the Niima community.

The seasoned lawman easily followed CZ-1G5’s trail to an abandoned moisture farm. However, he underestimated the droid’s intelligence, which nearly had him killed. Narrowly avoiding sniper fire from the farm house, the constable had to quickly think on his feet. Realising his opponent’s weapon was a Czerka-93U hunting rifle, Zuvio exploited its reload time to advance his approach. In the farm house, the Kyuzo ran into seven droids, one of which was littered with his office’s supply of grenades. The ensuing explosion injured Zuvio, but he picked himself up from the ground to uncover a startling truth. As it turned out, the droids were not rogue, rather under the influence of someone else. When the constable confronted his former colleague, the droid insisted he was always a crooked thief. However, Zuvio’s questions inadvertently caused CZ-1G5 to reveal that the robbery’s real mastermind was none other than Rickard Lovas. Armed with the information, the Kyuzo was forced to shoot his long-time ally. When Zuvio returned to Niima Outpost, he immediately arrested Rickard and sentenced him to life in prison. After CZ-1G5 was rebuilt to once more serve the Niima community, both he and the constable felt little remorse for Lovas’ fate, believing that a day spent foiling a corrupt banker’s plot was better than a quiet one.

Zuvio still held the position of constable around thirty years after the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately, he and his deputies could only watch as First Order stormtroopers gave chase to two individuals harbouring a fugitive droid…

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