• Mattie Stu

Star Wars Weapons Lore – The Ion Paddle Beamer (Legends)

Originally used for medical purposes, the ion paddle beamer became the primary weapon of the Ssi-ruuk species due to its unique attributes. While shots from close range and to the head proved fatal, targets could be disabled for a considerable duration of time when struck anywhere else. Furthermore, the weapon’s beams could bend around lightsaber blades to strike the user. Due to the paddle’s flat disc shape and ability to outmanoeuvre any Jedi or Sith, it became one of the galaxy’s most unique and effective weapons…

The ion paddle beamer was specifically designed for use by the Ssi-ruuk, and was light enough to be carried in one hand. When the control stick on the underside was pressed, the weapon launched a thread-like silver ion beam that interfered with the target’s nervous system. While a direct hit caused unconsciousness, a glancing blow led to hours of numbness. With an optimum range of eight meters and a maximum of twelve, the beamer was perfect for penetrating conventional shields and armour. When fighting the Ssi-ruuk, Luke Skywalker discovered he could alter his lightsaber’s frequency to deflect the beams. However, after doing so, the blade became incapable of deflecting regular blaster bolts.

Only a few days following the Battle of Endor, the Ssi-ruuk and their P'w'eck slaves attacked the isolated planet of Bakura. So to capture living specimens to power their battle fleet through entechment (the process of draining a being’s life-energy), the attackers utilised ion paddle beamers. Unfortunately, when the Rebel forces thwarted the attack, any remaining Ssi-ruuk weaponry was destroyed. However, around twenty-five years later, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Ssi-ruuk once more attacked Bakura. Due to the species’ little technological advancement over the decades, the paddle beamer operated on the same principles as before.

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