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Star Wars Lore - The 212th Attack Battalion

As part of the 7th Sky Corps, the 212th Attack Battalion were led by Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody. Throughout the Clone Wars, the military unit participated in many key Republic missions. However, when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66, the battalion were forced to turn their blasters upon Kenobi and pledge loyalty to the Galactic Empire…

The 212th Attack Battalion comprised of four units. In canon, Ghost Company simply served as a smaller unit of troopers for specialised missions, while Foxtrot Group was an elite squad of clone commandos led by Captain Gregor. Unfortunately, following the Battle of Sarrish, the unit was reported missing in action, resulting in its dissolution. In Legends, the 2nd Airborne Company and its affiliated Parjai Squad specialised in high altitude drops, wearing custom helmets to do so. The 212th was known to utilise Nu-class transports, gunships, AT-AP Walkers, AT-RTs and AT-TEs, all of which were customised with yellow and orange markings. Members of the battalion included Crys, Gearshift, Longshot, Trapper, Wooley, the hardened yet compassionate Waxer, and Boil, who was known for his sarcasm and by-the-book attitude.

Seven weeks into the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems attacked Christophsis, due to its strategic position and resources. In response, the 212th Attack Battalion were dispatched to the planet’s surface. Unfortunately, before they could execute an ambush of their own, the Republic forces found themselves surrounded by battle droids. They managed to drive the Separatists back, only to uncover a startling truth: the droids were aware of the Republic’s strategy and position. Knowing one of their brothers was a traitor, Commander Cody and Captain Rex hunted down the perpetrator, who happened to be Clone Sergeant Slick. Following the arrest, the 212th helped repel the remaining droid forces, resulting in a Republic victory.

Later in the Clone Wars, the 212th came across yet another traitor. In the Battle of Umbara, in order to siege the planet’s capital, Kenobi’s forces worked alongside the 501st Legion, who were led by Jedi General Pong Krell in the absence of Anakin Skywalker. During the mission, Krell ordered a platoon led by Waxer to gun down enemy soldiers disguised in 501st armour. However, as it turned out, the supposed disguised enemy soldiers were in-fact members of the 501st Legion, a truth only uncovered after an onslaught of blaster and mortar fire. Waxer was fatally wounded, as a result. At the cost of many more clone lives, Krell was arrested. Other noteworthy missions the battalion participated in were: the Battle of Teth, in which the 212th helped defeat droid forces under the command of Asajj Ventress, and the Battle of Ryloth, where Ghost Company, specifically Waxer and Boil, aided Kenobi in eliminating several proton cannons, allowing the remaining Republic forces to land. Also, on Cato Neimoidia, the unit, alongside the elite Squad Seven, breached Nute Gunray’s fortress to secure vital data that began the hunt for Darth Sidious.

When Obi-Wan tracked General Grievous to the Utapau system, he took two battalions with him, one of which was the 212th. As Kenobi engaged Grievous in a lightsaber duel, Commander Cody and his unit stormed the cyborg’s stronghold on the tenth level of Pau City. Unfortunately, due to the sheer scale of droid opposition, the clones suffered heavy casualties, which worsened following Grievous’ death. However, Cody later received a message from Darth Sidious, instructing him to execute Order 66. At that point, the commander ordered his men to open fire on Kenobi. When struck with an AT-TE blast, the Jedi fell to his apparent death hundreds of feet below. After wiping out the remaining droid forces on Utapau, the 212th Attack Battalion and the remaining clone units served as the basis of the Stormtrooper Corps. As soldiers of the Galactic Empire, the unit were dispatched to Kashyyyk, under the command of General Kahdah, to thwart a Wookiee revolt. To no surprise, the mission was a success…

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