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Star Wars Weapons Lore - Slugthrowers (Legends)

In comparison to the galaxy far, far away, Earth has a lot of catching up to do. In fairness, Star Wars is the work of fiction, meaning imagination is the saga’s only limitation. However, while we do lack laser swords and plasma bolts, there is one weapon we can relate to…

Similar to our very own firearms here on Earth, slugthrowers were weapons that used an explosive chemical to launch solid projectiles. The bullets, known as slugs, were made from either metal, ceramics or hardened plastics. Unfortunately, ammunition for slugthrowers was hard to come by, making it more expensive than blaster gas. The firing rates for each weapon differed depending on their action, whether it be pump, lever, revolver or bolt. The type of firing mechanism used to fire each slug resulted in the weapon’s rate of fire. While a typical slugthrower pistol had an effective range of around 60 meters, slugthrower rifles were usually limited to 300 meters. However, in the hands of skilled marksmen, sniper rifles could pick off enemies from over a mile away. Slugthrowers were usually wielded by those without access to better weapons, such as blasters. As a result, they were widely used by primitive cultures. But the skill required to use such weapons was never questioned. For example, due to the ballistic ammunition, the shooter had to carefully plot their shot’s trajectory. Unfortunately, as a consequence, the slug could strike the ground before reaching its maximum range.

During the reign of the Galactic Republic, since lightsabers could not deflect slugs, mercenaries utilised rapid-fire slugthrowers against Jedi Knights. Slugthrowers were also used by assassins when silenced. On the contrary, those seeking a less than subtle approach equipped themselves with either explosive or incendiary slugs, while those who sought to stun a target, like those in the Rebel SpecForce units, utilised rubber ammunition. Bounty hunters who equipped the weapons often varied their ammo in the same magazine, starting with non-lethal slugs and working their way up to deadlier rounds to gradually incapacitate a target.

Manufactured by the likes of Czerka Arms, Merr-Sonn Munitions and Oriolanis Defense Systems, slugthrowers were equipped by many famous individuals throughout the galaxy, including Qymaen jai Sheelal, who later became the infamous General Grievous, Aurra Sing and Lando Calrissian. While the Korunnai natives of Haruun Kal used slugthrowers throughout the Summertime War, the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine wielded the Tusken Cycler for long-ranged attacks. Even though most armour protected the user from slugthrower projectiles, most slugs could penetrate a stormtrooper’s helmet lens or vulnerable neck area. As a result, the Tusken Raiders simply used the Imperial soldiers as target practice. Lastly, as blasters and replacements were hard to find on the remote planet of Lamaredd, slugthrowers were used in the annual Landing Shootout contest to determine the populace’s greatest marksman. The winner of the very first event received a pearl-incrusted slugthrower handcrafted by artisan and crack shot Mix Liddell…

Now it’s time for this week’s question: would you rather wield a blaster or a slugthrower? Let me know in the comments below.

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