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Star Wars Top 10: Force-Sensitive Creatures (Legends)

The Force was an energy field that connected all living things in the galaxy, and could be utilised by those sensitive to it. And by those sensitive to it, we mean aliens and humans, right? Well, no, not quite. Whether it was for self-defence, hunting prey or even killing Jedi, many beasts throughout the Legends history of Star Wars relied upon their connection to the Force and the powers that came with it. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Force-Sensitive Creatures.

Number 10. Muttamoks

Similar to monkeys, Muttamoks were small, sentient beings, attracted to bright and shiny objects, which commonly resulted in thievery. However, unlike Earth’s equivalent, Muttamoks used an innate Force ability in a plea for sympathy when caught, allowing a swift escape. Not only that, their Force power allowed them to seemingly understand what people were thinking.

Number 09. Tuk'atas

Also known as Sith hounds, the tuk’ata were oversized beasts, specifically bred to be both fearless and relentless when guarding the Sith tombs on Korriban. Equipped with sharp horns, long claws and menacing teeth, these Force-sensitive creatures were unusually intelligent and could communicate with one another through unknown means. As many were actually sealed within the Sith tombs, some believed that the tuk’ata were immortal or drew nourishment from the Force itself.

Number 08. Marsh Haunts

With their dull, green skin, marsh haunts were perfectly camouflaged in their natural swampy habitats. However, away from the cover of murky waters, the red-eyed creatures were truly terrifying. And while hunting for prey, marsh haunts worked in loose packs ranging from two to eight, with some using their Force powers to spring ambushes.

Number 07. Storm Beasts

The storm beasts were originally natural creatures at the top of Malachor V’s food chain. However, following the construction of the Trayus Academy, the Sith transformed the creatures into menacing beasts, using the dark side of the Force to do so. The species became so formidable that some managed to survive the second activation of the Mass Shadow Generator, which devastated Malachor V.

Number 06. The Taozin

The Taozin were giant insect-like creatures native to the jungle moon of Va’art. In addition to their natural shell armour that was almost invulnerable to blaster fire and lightsaber strikes, the Taozin could interfere with the sense abilities of Force-users to appear invisible. Unfortunately, the creatures proved no match for Darth Maul, who destroyed the bridge he and the opposing Taozin were on, sending it downward to the chasm below.

Number 05. The Hssiss

After surviving the destruction of their homeworld, Ambria, the Hssiss were possessed by the dark side energies that plagued the planet for millennia. As a result, the lizard species transformed from savage predators to foul “dark side dragons”. If bitten by a Hssiss, one would succumb to the effects a dark side poison. And, just like the aforementioned Taozin, they could conceal themselves and become invisible.

Number 04. Jakobeasts

Found in the tundras of icy planets in the Outer Rim, Jakobeasts were large, shaggy creatures, with two extremely strong and highly sensitive tusks protruding from their jaws. In addition, the two black horns atop their heads could be used to channel the Force into a unique defence against predators. Collectively, Jakobeasts could launch a massive Force Push to repulse attackers. Speaking of which, the energy gathered for the manoeuvre was enough to flatten an entire forest!

Number 03. The Maalraas

Also known as Nighthunters, the Maalraas species had long claws, elongated jaws, huge fans and bones resistant to lightsabers. Furthermore, using the Force to cloak themselves, the Maalraas became nearly indistinguishable in the darkest of shadows, meaning only well-trained Jedi and Sith could recognise their silhouettes. And, with all that being said, they were used as guard beasts for crime syndicates and wealthy individuals.

Number 02. Starweirds

Starweirds were a species of creepy-looking humanoids only found in space. Upon locating its target, whether they were spacers repairing starships or travellers jumping through hyperspace, the starweird would emit a telepathic scream that struck fear into the hearts of any lifeform within twenty meters. With a strong hatred for Force-users, the species were capable of using Force drain, Force grip, Force lightning and Force sight. What’s more, starweirds had nearly impeccable night vision, hovered silently at a speed slightly faster than human movement, could resist conventional attacks and pass through solid objects, meaning you couldn’t run and you certainly could not hide!

Honourable Mentions

Before we take a look at the number one spot, let’s briefly touch upon more Force-sensitive creatures that didn’t quite make the list. Kicking us off are the vornskr, which used their connection to the Force to hunt Jedi and ysalamiri. However, to counteract the vicious canines’ hunting method, the ysalamiri developed the ability to project a “Force bubble”, in which no Force abilities could be used. Next up is the Akk dog – a species of scaled reptomammals that utilised a natural connection to the Force to form a Force bond with their Jedi Knight companions. And last but not least, the Jubba birds native to Dagobah manipulated their soothing whistles through the Force, which is not quite as cool as the aforementioned powers, but at least it’s different.

Number 01. The Voxyn

The ultimate Force-sensitive creatures, without a doubt, are the voxyn, as they were specifically designed by the Yuuzhan Vong to hunt and kill Jedi. As a genetic cross between the vornskr and the fero xyn, the voxyn used the Force to track Force-sensitives, which they then attacked with their sonic blasts, flesh-melting acid, disease-coated claws and poisonous barbed tail. Even though Force-sensitives could, in-turn, detect voxyn through the Force, the creatures could mask their presence. And, due to their ability to heal quickly, the voxyn could survive blasts from thermal detonators and could still function well even with the loss of limbs and chunks of flesh. However, following the death of the voxyn queen, the creatures began to die out due to their short lifespans. Even though the Yuuzhan Vong later lost the war, the voxyn were always remembered as savage Jedi killers…

So, there we have it, the top 10 Force-sensitive Star Wars creatures. Let me know in the comments below which beast tickles your fancy the most, and any Force-wielding creatures I may have missed.

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