• Mattie Stu

Star Wars: A Look at Valkorion (Legends)

Throughout his lifetime, Valkorion lacked emotion and empathy. Even as a child, he felt no affection for his family. Realising that he could feed off fear and suffering, the youngster became a cruel leader. Under the guise of Vitiate, he proved to be an unusual Sith. Unlike most others, who became feared warriors, the Sith Lord avoided conflicts, gaining him the reputation of a scholar, not a fighter. However, as he entered the second century of his lifetime, Vitiate became patient but calculating and manipulative. After tricking the eight thousand Sith to join his ritual on Nathema, the Sith Lord no longer experienced any of the senses that normal people possessed. At the expense of immortality, taste, touch, smell, colour, and emotion all meant nothing to him, though one motivation always stayed with him: a hunger for power. Unfortunately, as the centuries passed, the Emperor’s fear of death inspired him into making horrific choices. Even though Valkorion eventually passed away, he influenced Sith Lord Darth Plagueis in the quest for immortality.

The powers Valkorion possessed were truly terrifying. Even as a child, Tenebrae was able to strip his father, Sith Lord Dramath, of both his sanity and power in the Force. In addition, at the age of thirteen, his strength was acknowledged by Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos. When granted the title of Sith Lord, Vitiate gained an immense knowledge of Sith sorcery, becoming one of the most powerful practitioners of Sith magic and alchemy. As the Emperor, he spent most of his time discovering lost techniques and increasing his power even more. By combining various Force techniques, he was able to transfer portions of his consciousness into infants, creating extensions of his will known as Children of the Emperor. The Emperor’s rituals on Dromund Kaas warped the planet’s very atmosphere, conjuring intense lightning storms. While Vitiate could muster storms of Force lightning himself, he wasn’t shy to produce his red lightsaber in combat…

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