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How Were Some Species Able to Resist Jedi Mind Tricks? - Star Wars FAQ


Mind tricks were utilised by Force-sensitives to either alter someone’s perceptions or plant a suggestion in their mind. However, the ability was not flawless: while certain individuals required a great deal of effort to trick through the Force, some species were simply immune to the power. But why was this the case? Well, let’s find out! Welcome to Star Wars FAQ.


It’s no secret that mind tricks worked best against the “weak-minded”, but what exactly does that mean? The obvious answer alludes to a low level of intelligence, meaning gullible individuals could easily be persuaded to do something they usually would not, kinda like space peer pressure. However, it could also refer to those obedient, fearful, or even with simplistic brain structures. The reason why Toydarians possessed a natural immunity to mind tricks was due to their unusually composed brains. Much in the same way, Hutts were notoriously difficult to influence or read through the Force, which is why Luke Skywalker was able to trick Bib Fortuna but not Jabba in Return of the Jedi.


Aside from complex brain structures, some species utilised a natural resistance to the Force to combat mind tricks. For example, the entire Yinchorri race possessed an adaptation to their Midi-chlorians that caused the microscopic lifeforms to generate Force-devoid bubbles around them. Other Force-immune species include the Falleen and the Dashade, who were often employed as combat instructors for the Jedi and assassins for the Sith.


It is worth noting that those resistant to mind tricks could still fall susceptible when faced with enough effort. For example, even with a sharp and strong mind, Cad Bane was forced to cooperate with the Jedi following a “three-way” mind trick.

So, there we have it. Species that resisted mind tricks done so with either their complex brain structures or adapted Midi-chlorians. If you have a question about the Star Wars universe that you would like answered, do leave a comment down below.

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