• Mattie Stu

Ups & Downs From Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 04: "Hera’s Heroes"

We kick off today’s video with one of many ups relating to Thrawn. Partly due to his lack of screen-time since the season’s premiere, Thrawn feels completely unique to any other Imperial higher-up. Such a fact is cemented by Thrawn’s view on battle, for he knows that to defeat an enemy you must know their history and philosophy, not just their battle tactics.

Throughout the entire episode we witnessed the stupidity of stormtroopers and officers. Seriously, it’s no wonder why the Empire were ultimately defeated: their soldiers were incapable of hitting anything, nor did they know how to take cover, and their leaders were far too rash. Consequently, it was refreshing to see Thrawn enact some intelligence. The way in which he discovered Hera’s true identity and foiled Ezra’s recuse attempt was superb. It’s no secret that “heroes are only as good as their villain(s)”, so it’s imperative that Thrawn continues as a formidable opponent to the crew of the Ghost, which seems very likely.

Lastly, even though it was very brief, Thrawn’s outburst of rage when dealing with a fellow Imperial officer was a great addition to the episode. Up to that point, Thrawn only ever displayed a cool and collective demeanour. As a result, the unexpected rage adds an extra dimension to his character, making him even more intriguing. It will be interesting to discover how such an inner anger plays out in future episodes. Who knows, maybe it will lead to his downfall.

The only negative aspect of the episode I really noticed was the pacing, as it just felt a bit rushed toward the end. The exact same problem occurred last week, so maybe they should have split the storyline over two episodes. However, due to the limited time slot and the fact we learnt more about Hera, which is definitely a positive, I won’t count this as a down.

Overall, Hera’s Heroes was yet another solid episode, as proven by the three ups and no downs. While I do feel the latter episodes will overshadow entries in the series like today’s, the journey from A to B is still pretty awesome! But what did you make of the episode? And do you feel like the last couple of episodes have been rushed? Let me know in the comments below.

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