• Mattie Stu

Star Wars Weapons Lore - Force Pikes


Primarily equipped by the Emperor’s Royal Guard, force pikes were staff-like melee weapons capable of causing immense pain even at their lowest setting, making them incredibly dangerous weapons…


Introduced during the Bengali Uprising, at the low cost of 500 credits, force pikes were utilised all across the galaxy, from Sith assassins during the Dark Wars to the handmaidens of Jedi Master Atris. Excellent for crowd control, partly due to their one-meter length, the weapons were also employed by a wide variety of planetary militias and police units, including Nirama's public asteroid security forces. Despite this, however, they were generally used by Senate Guards and Imperial Royal Guards, who carried the popular SoroSuub Corporation Controller FP model.

Force pikes consisted of seven components: a power tip, a discharge capacitor, a graphite shaft, energy cycling coils, shock generators, power cells, and a vibration generator. At the tip of each pike was a vibro-edged head. The damage of which varied depending on the user’s preference or needs. On its lowest setting, the weapon delivered excruciating electrical shocks, while higher settings resulted in paralysis and even death. Furthermore, force pikes sliced through almost everything, whether it be flesh, bone or durasteel plating, and deflect lightsaber strikes, as seen during Order 66. Aside from torture and self-defence, due to its stun module, the weapon could render unconscious fully-grown Wookiees…

Now it’s time for this week’s question: with an immense cutting power and a resistance to lightsaber strikes, what do you think could effectively combat the lightsaber pike? Let me know in the comments below.

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